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  3. Good afternoon everyone, I have been recently seeking a taurus SHO. I currently have a 2012 SEL so I'm familiar with the cars. I found a SHO that I'm very willing to throw an offer out for. It is a 2015 White with two tone suede / leather combo in black/grey. It was a 1 owner lease with a clean carfax. 14k miles all for 29k. I have test driven it and gone over the essentials for a walk around, would like some input as what to look for in terms of this model. Any information is highly appreciated, Thanks, T
  4. Norm Bennett

    I'm driving a 2011 F150 with 40,000 miles on the clock. I'm pulling a v- nose motorcycle trailer with a 1000 lb bike inside and only getting 12.5 mpg on a long trip . Is this lack of economy common ? It would be helpful if other owners stated what they are getting.
  5. Norm Bennett

    Am a retired Heavy truck driver. Have had my F 150 three years and still have mixed feelings about this ecoboost engine.
  6. Power Loss After Catback

    You have to balance the exhaust system - changing the pipes can alter the scavenging. So a performance shop that understands how it all works and can determine the proper size pipe and mufflers can help balance it. What all was changed OP to your system?
  7. How do I delete these duplicate post?
  8. It has over 115k on it and I was wondering if there are any particular things about the card that need attention at that mileage. Im not so concerned about the miles as I am about the hours. Does anyone else own one of these with this many miles? If so, what can I expect as far as maintaining it and what to look for? Pros and cons to the Police Interceptor vs the SHO thanks
  9. It has over 115k on it and I was wondering if there are any particular things about the card that need attention at that mileage. Im not so concerned about the miles as I am about the hours. Does anyone else own one of these with this many miles? If so, what can I expect as far as maintaining it and what to look for? thanks
  10. It has 115k on it and it's a good price, I'm just a little concerned about all of the hours on it. Has anyone looked into theses since a lot of them are getting replaced now? Pros and Cons and what to look for in test drive and inspection. Thanks for any advice you can provide
  11. Power Loss After Catback

    JimC, what you say makes some sense but what it the answer to the power loss and how can the OP correct it? Or, is there NO power loss and just a difference in testing???
  12. Power Loss After Catback

    It's not back pressure - it is scavenging. When you change the exhaust you often affect the scavenging effect which means you are not getting the spend gasses out of the cylinder properly. Back pressure is bad for an engine, and it is often a mis-use of the terms when what you are really after is the scavenging effect. Back pressure means you have a restriction in the flow. Think of it like a garden hose that is now attached to a fire hose. You can't get the fluid out of the garden hose fast enough to fill the firehose, but that isn't a back pressure problem it is a problem that you can't scavenge the fluid out of the garden hose quick enough. Now attach the garden hose to a straw. That is back pressure due to the restriction --- and eventually the garden hose will rupture from the back pressure.
  13. Power Loss After Catback

    strange, all i know is when i put my borla cbacks on it had no effect on power & really not a lot of change in sound. tough to make a 6 sound like an 8 unless you start removing resonators or other exhaust parts. as when i was looking, now ages again neither magnaflow or borla had an atak version for the sho like they had for other cars.
  14. Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    Motel 6, NICE! They'll leave the light on for you.......
  15. Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    Booked into Motel 6, looks like it is very close to the Holiday Inn Express. Mike we should be able to hang outside the show without too much hassle!
  16. Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    No luck, no rooms available.....
  17. Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    Will try to book into the Holiday Inn Express sometime this weekend. Almost sure I would like to stay down for the entire event.
  18. Newbie

    Glad to have you join us. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Someone here will surely be able to help you.
  19. Power Loss After Catback

    I believe you are incorrect about not needing back pressure. We have heard too many times that the modern engines and computers need back pressure to work correctly. Not sure I understand it, but seems to hold true. There has been too many times that people have reduced back pressure in several different engines and have seen performance decrease. Kinda like that none of the aftermarket CAIs work to improve performance. The best track times always come with the stock air box.....
  20. Newbie

    Welcome, larshep, congrats on the new ride!
  21. Newbie

    I have had several F150's, but this is my first 2014 Ecoboost only had it a couple days so far. Just learning what a great truck this is. And I'm sure this forum will be of great help.
  22. Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    Just thought to mention that hotels are filling up very quickly. I started my search by typing in the address of the fairgrounds (1000 Bryn Mawr Road, Carlisle, Pa.) and then clicked on hotels. Starting with all the ones closest to the grounds, appears all of them are already booked up. Geezuz. 6 mo.'s in advance and damn, full full full. So expanding my search a little further out, I found Holiday Inn Express located at: 1152 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 17013. I booked a room there just now. It appeared they only had less than a 1/2 dozen remaining open for the Ford National's. I will be checking in on Thursday May 31st, 2018, and checking out on Sunday June 3rd, 2018. Hopefully any of you who are planning to attend as well, can also book the remaining rooms so as to permit us staying together in a group. Please post up any plans you make respectively so we can coordinate accordingly. TIA! And @ Bam_SHO....... disappointing to read that you will likely not be attending. I know we've discussed the reasons for why not, over the phone since you've posted. But I myself am hoping that you and the wife will be able to make it out if your situation changes. Won't be the same w/o either of you there.
  23. Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    Well you might want to get ahold of Mark from VA. We maybe there only Saturday and not even sure on that. They know on FB to about me possibilty of not going.
  24. Have a question

    Hmmmm...... good question. Completely taking a stab at it..... I would guess in the $6-$8k range perhaps? Assuming that it's a complete motor, with all the related attachments, turbos, etc. Curious. How did you come across such a find? I would maybe try hitting up Livernois Motorsports as they do a lot of work with the engines themselves. They might desire a new one as you're offering. Maybe even try other SHO related communities as well, such as SHOForum.com and/or EcoboostPerformanceForum.com Good luck. If I didn't already have a custom built, long block race motor lurking under my SHO's hood, I'd consider purchasing yours. But this should be a stellar find for those in the market.
  25. Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    I'm hoping that as the hotel plans unfold, that we are able to collectively choose a location that is much closer to the fair grounds themselves. Even if that means paying slightly more p/night. Loved the facility from 2017 that Brian Michael so graciously arranged, but the drive into Carlisle seemed a lil longer than desired, due in part to all the other cars also driving into the grounds as well. So let's see if we can all scope out a closer location for 2018.
  26. Power Loss After Catback

    I’m going to disagree about the reduced back pressure causing power loss. Turbo engines don’t really need back pressure after the turbos as it becomes a restriction. There are too many variables that could be causing your power loss and the fact that you didn’t do it on the same day as the factory exhaust, I wouldn’t read into it too much.
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