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  2. Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    Hard to believe it is time to start thinking about The Ford Nationals in June of 2018. Just wanted to reminder everyone about the 20% discount if you register before Dec. 31st. Also just heard that BPD will be attending again this year. And we are hoping to have a good SHO presence in the downtown parade this year, so I plan on signing up for the parade, hopefully those of you who are going to be there will also do the parade. Now, go register and save the 20%!
  3. Looking for advice

    Thank you!
  4. Looking for advice

    You really want a custom tune....not just what is loaded on a tuner. Unleashed tuning and Livernois Motorsports & Engineering are the two most popular choices. There are other good ones like Brew City Boost and AJP turbo. Livernois uses their own tuner - MyCal. About everyone else uses SCT. The first thing you should really decide is how involved you want to be in the tuning. With Livernois, you get excellent tunes with minimal effort - just simply a plug & play. Virtually everyone else provides a base tune and then you do datalogging to dial it in specifically for your vehicle. The datalogging requires you to hook the device to the OBD port and typically do some WOT pulls while the device is recording what the engine and transmission are doing. You then send the data to the tuner who tweaks the tune and sends it back to you. Sometimes, this process can involve many logs and tweaks before the tune is as good as it can be. I have had tuned vehicles using both methods. The Livernois method is clearly the easiest and the results are great. The datalogging method puts extra wear/tear on your car, takes quite a bit of time and exposes you to potential violations of the law if your tuner wants a WOT run that exceeds the speed limits. Those who prefer the datalogging method claim that no two cars are alike and when the tune is tweaked to your specific car, it will be faster and safer.
  5. Hello guys I am new to forum and tuning! All I have done so far is a mdesign CAI. I have been looking at 2 tunes and wonder which is the best. Diablosport Trinity or SCT livewire?
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  7. tss, size of mirrors is confirmed -- the ones on my 2011 SHO are exactly the same size at the ones on the 2014 mirrors I accidentally ordered. One last thing to check is if their mountings are the same. Disregard my question about Tasco. I found the company is actually Tasca. I just emailed them about the combination of the small blind spot mirror, heated, and blind spot detection system indicator. When I hear from them, I'll share the response here since others may be interested in upgrading the mirrors on their 2011-2013 Taurus's.
  8. New Nebraska member

    Great looking Interceptor. Welcome.
  9. I need to return my 15' Taurus SHO to stock. I am looking for stock DP and exhaust, Air box and Powder coaded red hot pipes with TIAL BOV and pretaped bung for MEth. I am willing to trade my parts for yours plus some cash. I need these parts ASAP! I also have a SCT Tuner for sale as well. I am willing to work with anyone that will work with me. Shipping needs to be included in the price as well so neither seller is ripped off. I figured I would give you all on here a chance before going out side the forums.You can email me at cming21@gmail.com with pictures and I will send pics when you email me. All the parts have less than 3,000 miles on them. The Hot pipes have less than 2000 miles on them.
  10. New Nebraska member

    Glad you've joined us. The color of your PI is one of the more popular for Pennsylvania State Police.
  11. New mycal help

    Any update on this, mine is doing same thing to
  12. Thanks, tss. That's helpful. The blind spot mirror is the additional feature I'm after. Now it sounds like I just need to see if Tasco has heated, blind spot indicator (the little amber light), and the spot mirror. (Unfortunately only my main rear-view mirror is auto-dimming ... unless I discover the connections for that feature are already run to the side mirrors.)
  13. In my particular case, it was heated, self dimming, and had the built in blind spot mirror. Not the blind spot detector, but the built-in blind spot mirror.
  14. South Florida SHO lurker

    Nice looking car, I think you will like it. Greg58
  15. New Nebraska member

    Here are some pics from the day I hauled it home.
  16. New Nebraska member

    Hello, I have recently purchased a 2013 Taurus Police, with the 3.5 Eco-Boost engine. So far I really like the car, it drives and handles great, acceleration is strong, weighs 4200 lbs empty. I wanted to join to get info and guidance on maintaining these cars, and problems that other owners have dealt with. So far I have replaced the plugs, fixing a misfire issue. The car had 3 different plugs in it and the gaps were more than double spec. Did the PTU service also. I enjoy motor sports, shooting sports, serving as a volunteer FF/EMT, GMC trucks, and Pontiac cars. Married 3 grown children. Greg58
  17. So hopefully some other host will see the stupidity of Photobucket and discover they can increase traffic and business with some inexpensive hosting.
  18. Because Photobucket changed their policies this past Summer (of 2017) and they no longer allow "3rd Party Hosting" unless each individual account holder ponies up an annual fee of $399. So essentially, anyone who has used Photobucket in the past, including myself, have chosen NOT to pay for this exorbitant, ridiculous, annual fee just to post pictures. Essentially Photobucket is holding everyone's images hostage/for ransom.
  19. Thanks, tss. Was the replacement glass heated with the blindspot indicator?
  20. Just an FYI, I needed to replace the glass on my passenger side only. I was able to purchase only the glass from Tasco. Was a little tough to figure out what the part number was, but I was able to do it. And then as previously mentioned, just snaps out and then snaps back in
  21. BTW the car on the right in the photo has a 3-BAR MAP, 160 thermostat, and the Livernoise tune. The other one is stock. In a "contest" the Livernoise car just ran away from the stock one. (both are ecoboost )
  22. Wow. They look great. Appreciate the picture and offer. Having a PI inspired car build doesn’t really constitute impersonating an officer. But thanks for the friendly warning.
  23. I have two original P1 Interceptors both 2014, one has 27k, the other 11k, the lower mileage one has never been in police service. Both have the ecoboost engine. I looked for almost 3 years for an interceptor with the ecoboost engine, then found two OF THEM. One has the Ford "ready for the road package" that has lights hidden in the grille and alongside the center brake light in the back window. (all disconnected) One of the cars has ballistic front door panels another 3k option. Ecoboost engines are rare in police cars, partly because it's a $3050.00 option. If you need any photos of specific areas let me know. BTW it is a felony to impersonate a cop, so be careful out there. (the car behind them is my Charger)
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