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    Power Loss After Catback

    strange, all i know is when i put my borla cbacks on it had no effect on power & really not a lot of change in sound. tough to make a 6 sound like an 8 unless you start removing resonators or other exhaust parts. as when i was looking, now ages again neither magnaflow or borla had an atak version for the sho like they had for other cars.
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    Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    Motel 6, NICE! They'll leave the light on for you.......
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    Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    Booked into Motel 6, looks like it is very close to the Holiday Inn Express. Mike we should be able to hang outside the show without too much hassle!
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    Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    No luck, no rooms available.....