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    Long time blue oval fan, previous owner of various forced inducted Fords including turbo gt's svo mustangs and 2003 Cobra.
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  1. I had a black 2010 SHO LMS equipped and tuned over 100 drag runs traded in at 126k Current owner of Blue 2013 SHO LMS equipped and tuned probably around 40 runs currently 117k. Here is the Blue suede SHO last week lol.
  2. New Personal Best

    Just stumbled on these videos added to youtube, several of my runs including the new best. Thank you poster!
  3. New Personal Best

    Thanks all! Looking forward to some late Sept/Oct runs!!
  4. New Personal Best

  5. New Personal Best

    Had a good night on Friday, ended up running at New England Dragway during street night. 60* good initial track prep. Wanted to see how the Lms catted downpipes, Corsa exhaust, upgraded LMS 3bar V11 93 tune additions effected my quest for a new PB. It did not disappoint. Full weight with car seat, 1/4 tank of gas my slowest was 13.0. My new best a 12.78@107.11mph. Very happy.
  6. SHO Exhaust

    I have parts from another NESHO system, the mufflers and x pipe that you would have to have welded in. Im in RI make me an offer.
  7. New 2012 SHO owner

    Welcome aboard!
  8. Ecoboost Owners Forum

    Just in time for summer!
  9. replacement sneakers

    Ended up going with 255/45/20 General Gmax tires, so far so good, performed well at the track had a few 1.8 60' times and a 12.98 run.
  10. 100k yesterday!

    YEP (I change over to snow tires between late nov to mid march) Still had plenty of tread too, just the sidewalls were cracked to shit.
  11. Crazy fast

    There is always ludicrous speed..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_BX6GB-b00
  12. Well 100k on the clock last half using a LMS 4 tune, repairs were front wheel bearing, rotors pads, and a few climate doors, along with replaced shocks. Very happy with the job Momma Ford did on the SHO platform. I still get 21 city 25hwy on avg and have driven through blizzards and Noreasters without a problem. Getting ready to replace the original michelin tires. Very Happy over 70 drags trip runs. Spark plugs tune upgrade exhaust/downpipe mods to come.
  13. New to the forum with a 2011 SHO

    Welcome aboard!
  14. No Heat at Idle

    Let it warm up with the coolant reservoir cap off with the heat full blast, watch the coolant level and at some point a large "burp" of bubbling air should work its way out, some times quickly sometimes not so much spilling some over. Have replacement coolant at the ready. The next day or when the car fully cools off recheck the level and top off as needed.
  15. 1.) replace with same (which will eventually peel again) 2.) clean, plasti dip, done. *** 3.) buy a pair of chrome less Taurus SEL tailights