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  1. I have checked off/looked into most if not all of the items you mentioned with also no problems found. I have not had a shudder/misfire component to my KR episodes. That does leave the possibility of open loop period in the cold weather during a warm up, that could access some values in tables not otherwise used. I'm also fine running stock. One interesting thing I've watched is in the middle of an episode, cold car, cold temps, less than 1 minute of driving, with no load, 2000 RPM, second gear, KR of over 5. I tried to back off the throttle, no change. Then blip the throttle ....no change. Then all of a sudden it was gone and back to normal. Like a ghost. This scenario I repeated several times over several days. I haven't seen a bad KR reading in a month! Octane affects it. Tune affects it. Cold affects it but none of these factors can cure it except for return to stock. There is a definite on and off to it so its transitory. I feel like I'm more acquainted with it but still no answers
  2. Hi ShoBoat I can't say I cured my occasional high KR issue and I also can't even say I really figured it out do don't know how much help I can be. I have wrestled with it for a long time and feel like I've maybe gotten some insights. First I agree cold weather is a major player. Might be an open loop thing but that depends on how long our cars are in open loop. I've heard some say only a very few seconds and I've heard some say a few cold minutes. My A/F seems perfect at all times. Im not sure exactly how but there is a cold connection for sure. My most common occurrences will be usually when the engine is very cold, at very low throttle low load. Another common denominator seems to be low load lugging as in a freeway on ramp merge. I have had some rare instances when the spike will be tied to a brief, random tranny glitch I get that I see on rare occasions, and a KR spike will accompany the glitch. Octane boosting will reduce the size of my spikes but will not make them go away. Changing to a 91 octane tune (I always run 93) will reduce the KR but will not make it go away. I've entertained the possibility that the reading is not spark knock at all but a noise the KR sensor is reacting to as spark knock. Might be tranny since I have seen a connection with my tranny hiccup. Might be a cold engine noise but nothing my ears can confirm. I'm not entirely giving up but for sanity's sake I'm pronouncing it a non harmful unknown phenom as it never occurs at WOT. I have changed my KR gauge to not retaining highest and lowest so now I just see it when it happens. Helps me to not obsess. I have noticed I have not spotted an occurrence for a while so I'm thinking I'm about to go back to running 4X for the summer. Feel free to bounce ideas off me if you feel the urge as I've been wrestling with this mystery for a long time now and I love to read other ideas on the topic!
  3. Thoughts on the latest 4+ update

    I find it pretty easy to do rolling start WOT's of differing lengths but feel pretty self conscious when coming to a stop and torque braking for a timed run. I'm tempted to visit a track not to far away. Haven't been there in a very long time.....how long you ask? Don't even go there. The car I ran there was a 64 Impala SS 250 hp convertible w/4speed, stealthily modded of course. I had a lot of fun with that car. Track is still there and it would be a good way to quantify what I now have and how it measures up to everybody else. Summer is here and the time is right. Need to get a helmet I guess.
  4. I have been privileged to sample the latest iteration of the tried and true LMS Stage 4+ and I can say it's great. Yesterday I installed an experimental update Anthony at LMS sent me. It's based on the 4+ tune I've been running since it came out. I'm really happy to say it's a very positive update. So far I have no hard numbers but based on the good old "butt dyno" it's noticeably stronger. I have felt no loss of the good manners the car has always had. Throttle response, low end torque, and strong pull throughout the RPM range all feel noticeably improved. I'm impressed with this tune so if you are running 4+, email Anthony and get your update ASAP. You won't be sorry! I am running the 3BAR MAP and I don't know how much that has to do with what I'm feeling, but 2 BAR or 3BAR, give this bad boy a try.
  5. password reset

    Two great minds it seems. LOL
  6. password reset

    Hi guys. Been a while and I misplaced my password. No problem I got a temp and got back on with my first order of business to change my password to something I might actually have a chance at remembering. The temp is lethal enough to stump a geek! Can't find the place to change my password and the help search seems to turn up stuff not at the heart of my problem.
  7. My Custom Grill.

    Came out great. Love the look. Curious what you used for the channel/beading that covers the cut edge of the remaining grill. Also what did you use for mesh, and how did you attach the mesh. You know what they say about imitation, and I'd copy that mod in a NY minute.
  8. One more change. I added an anti glare and fingerprint resistant screen protector to the Nexus 7. I don't usually do screen protectors but in this case with a dedicated car tablet, I think this will be a real benefit. PITA getting the dust speck caused bubbles out of it but they gave me 3 protectors and lucky for me the third one was the charm.
  9. I have an older 80 gig iPod with my whole library on it that is hooked to the USB in the console. I mostly only listen to a couple of playlists though so I thought I'd free up the USB by streaming the same playlists from my iPhone. It works but I don't have as much control streaming like voice selection. So I thought maybe if I put a few playlists on the Ford Juke Box I'd have the full control that was designed into the system. Sounds like I can load MP3 onto the Juke Box. I'll give it a shot and see what happens.
  10. Intake air temps?

    I have no special insight here but my thought is that there are three heat transference modes in effect. We have the hot air trapped in the engine compartment transferring heat to the CAI by contact or infiltration, and we have radiant transfer from hot objects nearby. Shiny wrap and aluminum tubes being reflective would help in the radiant arena and the bare black plastic would be at a disadvantage. I have been mainly focusing on ways to prevent infiltration of hot compartment air but insulating and foil wrapping may give a better bang for the buck. Don't know......but it's a very interesting learning area for me.