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  1. Got this off of the Quad Cities Area Auto Forum. They are hosting a track rental June 2nd at Cordova IL with grudge match lanes. This event last year was great! They got maybe 75-100 cars but never much wait to make a pass. The grudge lanes are fantastic! You find somebody to race, pull up and go! I am planning on going and spreading the Ecoboost shock and awe to all present QCAAF Grudge Day/Track Rental June 2, 12-4pm Cordova Dragway $25 to race $5 to spectate This is open to cars/trucks/bikes... We will have 2 dedicated Grudge Only lanes... These will be first priority in the staging lanes so if you have a dispute to settle, line em up! Please help spread the word, and we look forward to seeing EVERYONE there!
  2. Stock springs on a non-pp car? Mine was a dog out off the line until the springs. Really helped my 60 and ET when I put the Eibachs on.
  3. 12.32 is nothing to be ashamed of.
  4. Nope not at all. I have a 3rd cat replaced with X pipe and catted downpipes. Dont know if non-cat downpipes would make a difference.
  5. Just want to vent/ FYI for those hoping to see a record attempt or attempt failure. They announced the track I was going to will be closed today because of weather. It is actually not that bad but 50' with some clouds isnt good either I guess. Oh well. Guess I will put my back seat back in for the time being
  6. 2012 Super Snake 50th - 1 of 100 Total / 1 of 50 Black

    Ponies in the garage! I am jealous, your friend has some incredible cars.
  7. Wanna go fast?

    They just had sign up for one up by Chicago. Had a conflict this year but may try next year.
  8. Easy 60 lbs weight reduction.

    Not the WHOLE story SHOMAN. I was running the stock 19" wheels and 38K stock tires. I was burning all over the place. I ran as fast as 13.11 before the methanol, downpipes and X pipe in the heat also. It was 95+ 100% humidity a couple times. I didnt get any decent air until the 2nd to last time I went (12.44) and this last time was Jan 1 (12.43) NO TRACTION. These summer tires stick much better. I am anticipating much better results. Kolk I am assuming Cordova is to long of a haul for you? What about the 1/8 mile at Havanna Central IL Dragway? Havanna is actually the closest but I want to get a better 1/4 time. Let me know if you want to meet up and race. Havanna is easy for me, and I can even do Gateway.
  9. Easy 60 lbs weight reduction.

    Thats kinda how I got started. June last year I weighed 215, now 170 today. SO I was trying to get that 100+ pounds. My wife actually only weighs a few pounds less then me right now. I am trying to shed a few more by the end of the month (1/2 marathon and triathlon). I started loosing weight to compete in these running/triathlon races, car faster is an added bonus! Yeah all good points BTW. Need to clear everything I can out. 50' and sunny so I have a good shot for a quick run. Really want to have a 12.0-12.2 run at least 1 time.
  10. Easy 60 lbs weight reduction.

    Dont mention the stereo dude... I was eying the subs tonight Never have used the sun shade although I know it doesnt weight much. Pulled the all season floor mats out, prob 1-2 lbs. I will take the spare out at the track for good measure.
  11. Mustang gets Ecoboost in US 2015

    I raced a 500 hp BMW and lost before I went mod crazy. Think it was the M5? I thought the guy said it was an NA V8 though, he ran like 12.7 in an SUV. Pretty impressive. Know a guy at work with the TT V6 which is why I thought they all were. It is stout, nothing like my SHO but he is still stock. I think the new GM engine and the BMW engines just go to show this is the way things are headed. I think Ford has taken the lead as an industry leader. Next few years will be interesting to watch.
  12. SO I have heated seats. In 3 pieces the back seats weighed in at 15 lbs, 18lbs and 25 lbs so technically 58 lbs. 16mm bolts hold the top, ratchet extension through the crack between upper/lower and top is loose. Unplug heater control, and pull out. Bottoms are held in from by a plastic retainer in the front, 1 each side. It has a release lever, slide and pull up, unplug and your out. 10 minutes. Prob trying a track trip Saturday. Going to be cool and dry. That plus I have every other weekend booked this spring and really into summer. Going for an ALL OUT effort to lay down ET this trip. May take more stuff out tomorrow!
  13. Looked at these last year when they came out. Great price and if they live up to MT reputation prob a pretty good tire. Give a good track report! These may go on my to buy list.
  14. Well I have round about potential contact but I doubt anything would come of it. I will ask this specific question and see if I can get somewhere. I work with a guy who has an SHO for his wife. He claims to have went to college with once of the platform engineers. He also claims this engineer loaded his car with the mythical 400HP Ford developed tune. Like I said I will ask but if Ford doesnt want it hacked I doubt him or any of the engineers are going to risk their job to help hack it
  15. Mustang gets Ecoboost in US 2015

    Yeah but isnt that BMW TT V8 like 300 hp? Or am I thinking of the V6? I think a 300+HP turbo 4 will be a good move and grab some sales. I bet the aftermarket would explode with an eco Mustang.