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  1. I only put on 5000 miles a year, so I change it every 15,000 miles. When the car is out of its extended Ford warrantee, I'll probably do it every 10,000 miles. At this point, if it blows, I'm still under warranty so every 15,000 miles is what I decided to do. I have the dealer do it. If I recall correctly, it's about 100 bucks or so. I did have to convince them over time to do it........ as they gave me the standard "FORD says it's lifetime fluid".
  2. Hello


    THX!!!!! Gotcha! And as stated, yes SHO rims will fit your MKS.

    What you guys talking about? What are painted pockets?

    I'm sorry, educate me here. What are the SHO OEM painted pockets? Thanks.
  6. Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

    Motel 6, NICE! They'll leave the light on for you.......
  7. Power Loss After Catback

    Unfortunately I also feel the back pressure may be a culprit, or lack thereof.
  8. New Nebraska member

    Great looking Interceptor. Welcome.
  9. In my particular case, it was heated, self dimming, and had the built in blind spot mirror. Not the blind spot detector, but the built-in blind spot mirror.
  10. Just an FYI, I needed to replace the glass on my passenger side only. I was able to purchase only the glass from Tasco. Was a little tough to figure out what the part number was, but I was able to do it. And then as previously mentioned, just snaps out and then snaps back in
  11. 2017 Ford Map/Navi Update(s)....

    I'm still running the original navigation that came with the car when new. The car was manufactured in 2009. So that's quite a few years. I only had one occasion it did not have a street that I wanted on it. I would drop the hundred fifty bucks, if I had not heard so many Rumblings and gripes about the download. I don't really feel like spending that much time.......
  12. JMS BoostMax

    Also new information for me. Tell us more.
  13. MKS EcoBoost from the PNW (Portland)

    Welcome fellow MKS owner. I say my MKS Eco is an SHO with lipstick on.
  14. Welcome fellow Michigander. I'm guessing you got a Crew Sport?
  15. Continental at the track

    You are there - congrats!
  16. As you are still dealing with the problem in your original post from February? I would personally look on TASCA website or call them. That's what I did when I needed my passenger-side glass only replaced. SEE POST #3 ABOVE. The little lite that you're talking about is called a blind spot monitor. As stated earlier, once you get the replacement glass, it's a very easy installation. The hardest part is taking the old one off, and it's not that hard, and you really don't care if you break it.
  17. Get the Motorcraft coolant from your Ford dealer or from an auto parts store that carries Motorcraft. Everyone is correct, it is extremely specific and you won't find it in Walmart. Is called "Motorcraft Specialty Green Engine Coolant with bittering agent"......... whatever the hell that means. If I recall correctly, a gallon was like $22 (for 100 percent coolant, not a 50/50 mix). I would have got the 50/50 mix but I found the hundred percent first, so I just picked up some distilled water. I'm just guessing from memory on the price. Regarding the name, I just went out to my garage and read that exact description/name above, that is on the front of the gallon jug so, that it would be 100% accurate. When I called auto parts stores, many of them told me they had never heard of specialty green coolant. Don't let anyone tell you that what they have is the same. Get the exact name that I listed above.
  18. Thanks for getting to the bottom of this Bruce!
  19. How old are you?

    Of course not. But can we interest you in a minivan?
  20. Toyo Proxes 4 plus

    I guess the first question is do you really need a Z rated tire? The Z rated tire will likely not last as long as your first set of tires 54,000 miles. I don't know anything about that particular tire.
  21. Continental at the track

    Almost in the 12s!