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  1. I need to return my 15' Taurus SHO to stock. I am looking for stock DP and exhaust, Air box and Powder coaded red hot pipes with TIAL BOV and pretaped bung for MEth. I am willing to trade my parts for yours plus some cash. I need these parts ASAP! I also have a SCT Tuner for sale as well. I am willing to work with anyone that will work with me. Shipping needs to be included in the price as well so neither seller is ripped off. I figured I would give you all on here a chance before going out side the forums.You can email me at cming21@gmail.com with pictures and I will send pics when you email me. All the parts have less than 3,000 miles on them. The Hot pipes have less than 2000 miles on them.
  2. Adding avatar

    Hello everyone, I am SHOHARD and have about 11 years in building tuners and love it so much! All of my builds have been over 300 WHP and 350 wtq. This is my first SHO and my favorite car so far, love the AWD and the instant power, could use some more and that is what I am working on. I do have a question I am trying to change my avatar but nothing will change it. Can I please get some help with adding an avatar? Thank you, SHOHARd
  3. Do you still have anything left?
  4. MDesign Dual Carbon Fiber Cold-Air-Intake

    Do you have a better picture of the intake? Does it go down into the fairing or bumper or does it stay in the engine bay?
  5. Are the turbos still available? PM me I want them.
  6. Replacing Factory Touchscreen

    Why would you want to switch the factory player out? There is still a lot of potential that can be used. What screen are you planning on using? Can you attach a link? V/R SHOHARD