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  1. Yeah, you're right BPD, i should just give them both a call this week and get some solid answers.
  2. Performance with Stage 3 and question about MyCal

    If you refer to my post #4, and reference your DashDaq manual as well, under the section that talks about creating custom calculators, they tell you how to make the boost gauge so between those to guides you should have no problem setting up the gauge.
  3. I'm trying to find something to replace my rotors as I have at least one that is warped quite badly....Not sure what to think about the long-term of those Power-Stops. I am tempted to just get the EBC blank replacements as I can only find the slotted EBC's for the rear and not the front : / Pretty sure I'm going to go with the EBC Redstuff pads though. Edit: I see some of you guys are running the EBC slotted rotors. Where are you finding front and rears?
  4. Help,help,help!!!!!! / a at-a-boy for livernois

    Lol, take it easy on "grandpa's old cough medicine", my brain hurts after deciphering that.
  5. I find it a little ridiculous they don't make these easily serviceable, especially on a D.I. engine. Pump gas is riddled with foreign material and to think that you can't change a filter (which is obviously there to catch shit) annoys me.
  6. I have to agree, changing oil on these is about as easy as you could ask for. Almost as easy as my first car, which was a 2000 Mustag...but I had a 2003 King ranch F-150 before this and that filter was a royal pain to get at. I've decided that since I drive pretty spiritedly, I'm going to change oil every 5-6,000 miles. My first oil change I used Motorcraft Full Synthetic/Mobil 1 filter. I just did my second oil change a week or so ago and I went with Mobil 1 Full Synthetic/Mobil 1 Filter. I think my next change I am going to give Amsoil a try.
  7. Winter Tires for the Factory 20's

    Yeah, overall I'm quite happy with how my car has been handling on the snow packed/icy roads. We almost never see black ice around here so I'm not too worried about that and I've gone through some fairly deep snow already and the car doesn't miss a beat. I managed to sell my tires to a friends dad. He just happened to have a Jeep Liberty with the Jet package that comes with 20's and they conveniently run a 245/50R20 tire from the factory So I sold him them at cost, minus shipping so I'm only out the shipping one way instead of both.
  8. Early Christmas gift from LMS...Wow

    Yeah, I have decided against running Stage 4 with 91 Octane...and sadly that's all I can get in my area. I looked quite a bit into home-brewed octane booster, but in the end it was going to add a fair amount of cost and be a lot of hassle when i fill up multiple times a week. If I ever autocross or go to the drag strip or anything like that though I would for sure mix something up for Stage 4 though. I asked a while back about using meth injection as a replacement for higher octane fuel and i never got a really straight answer but it didn't sound like it would be too much of an issue if set up properly.
  9. Winter Tires for the Factory 20's

    Well some more bad news today. I've been in contact with Vossen who hooked me up with WheelsPerformance.com, one of their resellers, who has informed that they are discontinuing the VVS084. Now i have been looking at rims for months debating what I was wanting to get, so this is very disappointing. I guess maybe I'm just destined to have the factory rims/Michelin's forever.
  10. Winter Tires for the Factory 20's

    Well I'm fairly certain that they will rub so I'm going to have to send them back...there goes $200 down the drain. That was my only chance of getting a decent Ice and Snow tire as I can't get any closer in size. Yes, I could get the LM-60 which is a performance winter tire, but those are so close to a decent All Season that I have no desire to run two set's of rims/tires with something like that. I do have one chance of coming out of this not quite as bad. My friends mom has a new Jeep Liberty Sport with the 20's and they just happen to take the same exact size tire, so he's going to get a hold of his dad tomorrow to see if they are interested. If so I will just sell him them at my cost, minus shipping which would save me 100 bucks and be a heck of a deal for them. In either case, I am thinking I will just keep running these crappy Michelins through the winter and then get a set of Continental ExtremeContact DWS's for either my factory rims or for http://www.vossenwheels.com/wheels/VVS084.aspx depending on how much extra cash I have laying around after the snow clears up.
  11. Winter Tires for the Factory 20's

    Went out and took a few pictures. Most of them probably aren't going to do much good as it was hard to find a good angle to get a decent comparison. This first one will probably be the best to determine things. That is the front drivers side tire with the wheel turned to the left. My hand is reaching around the side and I can almost touch the plastic in the fender with my knuckles. Not a good sign : /
  12. Winter Tires for the Factory 20's

    Oh, and thank you for going out in the snow to check Steve, much appreciated. It's been damn cold here lately. We had some good snow storms for a couple days last weekend and the wind chill was around -30 the one day. I'm actually quite surprised how these factory Michelins have handled in the snow/ice, but I can't wait to find out how these Blizzak's stick. I was planning to just haul my Rims and Tires in a pickup to get them mounted instead of taking my car, that way I don't have to worry about some idiot screwing up my car, but I'm wondering if maybe it would be a smart idea to just take the whole car so they can check for rubbing before they get them all mounted.
  13. Winter Tires for the Factory 20's

    Yeah, I'm pretty set on running winter tires on the factory rims and then getting a nice set of rims for the summer months with a high perf. summer tire. I'm just debating wether this 245/50r20 will fit or not. Everyone seemed to think it would when i ordered them so i guess I'll give them a shot. It's expensive to ship them back so I sure don't want to have to do that.
  14. Winter Tires for the Factory 20's

    Well the 245/50R20 Blizzak DM-V1's were awaiting me when I got home from work tonight. I put them next to my car and they look bigger than i was expecting. Has anyone run this exact size on their car? I realize they wont sit as close to the top part of the fender-well when they are mounted, as the car will be raised half of that height, but I was looking more on the sides and I'm nervous about them rubbing when I turn. Maybe they will be fine and It's just my nerves getting the best of me.
  15. New appearance mod idea

    That's a great idea. If i didn't have a black car I would look into doing the same thing. That was the one thing I really liked about the first Raptors that came in Lava Orange was there exterior color being incorporated into the interior...not sure why they only picked that color to do it for though. Of course, now they offer the color matched interior as a separate option for, I think, all of the colors...but the seats are only color matched on the cloth perforated portions and not on the center leather itself like the first Raptors.