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  1. Just got done pulling all the wheels and cleaning them. They weren't too bad but the black shows everything. I have been keeping my eye out for wheels that I might like better but if you know me, I have trouble picking out wheels. It usually takes a few sets before I decide that's it. I need to drive her a little to get a nice line around the edge when the tire dries out a bit. I am working with Livernois on their new Throttle Enhancer. It's gonna need a little tweaking to work on the Sport properly. But, I'm sure we will get it. It's a real pain dealing with the connectors with just one hand. This is the connection on the box at the top of the gas pedal. There is a little red knob that has to be pushed in to get the red clip off. But, I did get it. I'm just getting over a hassle with Steeda. My left front spring was rubbing. They told me it wasn't clocked properly. I had three other guys check it for me and it is good. I finally dented the tower wall to get clearance. Works fine now. No rubbing, performs without issue. Steeda did finally offer to replace the spring if it is defective and cover any expenses. But, it is fine and I don't want to mess with it any more. And lastly, I removed that funky looking name plate I had on the radiator cover. It just didn't look right. It wasn't the first item I have de-modded and it won't be the last I'm sure. But, you gotta try things! LOL
  2. NOW AVAILABLE! Livernois Motorsports Throttle Enhancer

    You bet. Testing it out now. This is the first Fusion Sport install. It may need a little tweaking.
  3. Gonna be picking up 10 sho

  4. NOW AVAILABLE! Livernois Motorsports Throttle Enhancer

    Came today! Really fast. Now, I have to install it before I hit the track Saturday. I'm hoping it might trim my 60' time.
  5. NOW AVAILABLE! Livernois Motorsports Throttle Enhancer

    Coming tomorrow!
  6. NOW AVAILABLE! Livernois Motorsports Throttle Enhancer

    OK. On order! Will ship on Monday. Hope to install next weekend. I'm excited to see the quicker response and spool up.
  7. NOW AVAILABLE! Livernois Motorsports Throttle Enhancer

    Looks great! I'll have to try it.
  8. New 15 SHO owner

    Welcome and Congratulations. I've had great tunes from Livernois on three different Ecoboosts. I highly recommend them.
  9. Great accomplishment guys!
  10. [SOLD] - 2016 SHO PP OEM take off's

    Please post pictures displaying items with a label showing your log in here and the date. Thank you.
  11. Customer Appreciation Track Day 2017!

    Very nice! I'd like to make it.
  12. Hooks up pretty good Bruce. I tried a few different launching techniques. From an idle got me 13.2's. 2500 launch got me some wheel hop. The sweet spot is around 2K. I put the tires at 41 hot when I got there but it cooled off a lot the four hours I was out there so, they were probably around 39-40 (?) on that last run (made run 9 right before the last). Got a touch of spin on all four. Maybe two rotations.
  13. 12.91 and Back Up Slips Drag Times-#1 Ford Fusion Tidbit-After run #9-13.027 I had turned to leave for the night. Then I thought, let's try one more. Good decision.
  14. End Results DA Calculations Corrections Filling Up With Shell V Power After Tracking
  15. Front Gate at Great Lakes Dragaway Checked In Cooling Off Between Runs
  16. Trip to Track Report Detailed Engine Cover and Spare Removal
  17. Hello all Boosted Members !

  18. Thanks buddy! Yeah, I know they tuned the 3.0 for the MKZ. I don't see why a little tweaking wouldn't work for the Conti. Maybe it has a different strategy? I believe LME will eventually come out with a tune. Hopefully sooner than later.
  19. It is very possible if time permits. But for now, I'm happy to be the 1st in the 12's running just a tune, drop in and 93.
  20. Thanks Bruce! I was a little leery myself. But, the stock 19's are pretty heavy too. I'll have to weigh one next time I have them off to clean. Wish I would have thought of it yesterday. I know the stock wheel and tire were 53 lbs.