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  1. I have not seen a dash kit for the 2013+ Taurus. You are stuck with the factory unit. There are integration peices to bypass the Sony amp from PAC and RF. I’ve used both and prefer the PAC. The RF has a built in entry level DSP but is buggy and had major noise issues the PAC isn’t dead quiet but I have an SQ build and keep the gains low and it’s quiet enough and just sounds better.
  2. I've seen some with the push bumper. Just a 3bar and a tune should get you in the 12s unless you are DA challenged.
  3. Power Pack specific VIN?

    The easiest visual is the alcantara on the steering wheel.
  4. Used just sounds nasty to me. I bought my last helmet at revilla.com for well under $100. They are more geared towards bikes so you just make sure it is rated for what your track requires.
  5. I would get catted and with that only PPE as they are the only ones so far that seem to consistently not throw a code on a stock tune.
  6. New 15 SHO owner

    Welcome, I nice looking SHO. I dig the fender emblems, makes me want to pull mine apart.
  7. '13 stereo build

    So my install is done. Installer tapped into just the front L/R after verifying with an RTA it was full range.
  8. '13 stereo build

    My 2013 with the Sony system should be going in this weekend for an audio upgrade. I am tapping after the factory amp going into a DSP. I have heard the fronts are high passed and the rears are full range. I have also heard the stock sub channels clip early and should be avoided. My installer will verify with an RTA beforehand so I can report back by next weekend what he tapped. I am looking for just clean full range signal, I am not keeping the center channels, actually just going 2 way up front and subs.