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  1. 20170721 125049[2]

    I painted it like that
  2. OK, thanks, just thought I would ask in case you did. I guess i'm gonna have to go without a SHO for awhile, hopefully I can get another one before July 2018 since the anual SHO convention will be held in my home state of Oklahoma =(
  3. Hey, do you still have the stock turbo's off your sho that you replaced with new different turbos? I just need the left turbo

    https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/cto/d/2010-ford-taurus-sho/6332323470.html everything is fixed and drives great now!
  5. looks like I don't have enough money to replace the engine or get a new turbo, so does anyone have any idea how much my car is worth? Basically if u fix the left side turbo, it's good to go it has new plugs, 160 tstat, 3 bar sensor, unleashed tune, brand new tires, brand new complete front brakes and brake new tires. Body has 169,000 miles on it, it's loaded with every option they come with. Chrome delete
  6. thanks, it looks like as of right now, i'm at least pricing a reman engine because the mechanic and engine comes with 3 years warranty, which will give me enough time to pay off my car and give me some peace of mind. Just not looking forward to hearing the price of it sometime today. The mechanic said he would knock $1600 off the price since his work on my engine didn't fix it.
  7. so it looks like everything is failing on my engine, turbos, heads etc. I need to buy an entirely different engine, used for a relatively cheap price. Any suggestions. I found some on Ebay out of crashed cars, is that my best option? Also will the Lincon MKS one work? Anything I need to know before i buy one used? they say the newer sho engines, like 2013 aren't compatible with my 2010? Is that true, those engines wont work?
  8. thanks, but as of today, the turbo's are gone with zero boost sound or power and there is a grinding noise coming from engine, and i'm taking back, so don't think the guy did a good job on fixing it. I'll keep ya guys posted, hopefully something just not put together correctly
  9. update on car:They spent 30 hours of labor on it, had to drain the oil like 4 times to get all the coolant out, but finally did. did a pressure test on all 6 cylinders, no head gasket failure, replaced the water pump, a new starter, new front hub bearings, new front brake rotors and pads and getting 4 new tires for $2741 total, so still a lot of money, but at least I get to keep my dream car and not have to replace the engine. Might look into after the car is paid off to get a brand new engine put in with less miles of course, but that's down the road. Hope to see u guys in 2018 in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the SHO Convention!
  10. So your SHO doesn't have a 3.5L V6 in it? I'm no expert on engines, but pretty sure when u take the same engine and add twin turbo's do it, it's still the same engine and probably set up the same minus compression and other stuff, but the overall makeup and where water pumps and stuff that can go wrong and explode into your engine are all the same, am I wrong? Also i'm pretty sure my $7800 SHO that I bought due to having 170k on it is the cheapest and most mileage of any SHO in this club by far according to most of the people in here, and that why u guys haven't experienced the same things someone with a high mileage car would experience.
  11. so I get to work today at my job at Hertz and one of the writer sent me this: https://www.fordtaurus.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=19060 apparently this engine is very well documented for having severe design flaw with the water pump being timing chain driven and behind the timing cover so if there is a failure, the coolant goes into the crankcase and causes a total engine failure everytime! I wish I was warned about this when I bought this car with 170k on it. Argh!
  12. so after hours of checking things out, I found a local guy who is gonna rebuild the engine for less than $2000 who my dad uses on his T-bird that does great work. So wish me luck! I'm glad i'm able to keep my baby because this really was my dream car! In the process of getting it towed right now to the place. The weird thing about the blown gasket is my car will start up fine and it's not blowing white smoke like they say most do, hopefully it's just minor damage
  13. so apparently my water pump broke and threw coolant into my engine which blew a head gasket and caused a total engine failure and I need a new engine. which I probably can't afford to replace. I wonder how much my car is worth without a working engine, if that will even pay off my loan? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because i'm at a loss right now both physically and mentally!
  14. Were these wheels optional?

    u have a set of those wheels on the SHO that I like? Are they in good condtiion, 19"?