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  1. I am new to these cars and found a 2010 MKS with bad engine (no info on what is wrong). I was thinking in worst case I can buy a used engine from yard and have a shop install it. How involved is swapping engines in these cars? Is the ecoboost in the F150 compatible or are they body specific? Thanks
  2. And does the trans need any mods? What is the power limit of the trans/transfer case?
  3. Thanks for all the responses. Does highway mpg's suffer with the tunes?
  4. sho head gasket

    Are head gaskets a weak point in these or is failure a rare occurrence?
  5. So you don't have to add any supporting mods with the Stage 4+X tune? I thought the higher the stages the more supporting mods. So the plugs and t stat aren't mandatory? What's the difference between the 4+ and 4+x
  6. Newbie from IL

    Hey thanks you aren't far from me. I'm in Chicago near Evergreen Park. I'll be bugging/pm with my newbie questions now lol
  7. Hello I am a newbie and looking to get a 2010 MKS with the Ecoboost and see there are tunes from Stage I to IV (IIRC). What is the expected hp with them and/or 1/4 mile time? I was thinking about the tune, CAI, cat down pipes, plugs and 3 Bar from what I read and was wondering how much hp increase and will that be enough to crack into the high 12's in the 1/4? What is the difference or purpose of the 3 bar? Does anyone mix E85 in with the 93 oct for more octane? What are the safe limits on the engine block/internals and drivetrain as far as hp? Thanks
  8. Newbie from IL

    Hello, I looking at a 2010 MKS and didn't know they had the ecoboost option. I am a Ford guy and wanted to step up from the Fusions I have been driving (great cars). I know the Ecoboost has power because my FIL has a F150 with it that I borrow to haul cars when I don't have a truck (normally a diesel). Doing a quick search I see that they mod these (like the diesels) and find that tunes, CAI and exhaust are available. Now I am really wanting the car just to get it to see what I can do with it and hopefully have a luxury sleeper as my DD. I will be scouring the threads on here to learn as much as I can before I do anything.