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  1. Wow. They look great. Appreciate the picture and offer. Having a PI inspired car build doesn’t really constitute impersonating an officer. But thanks for the friendly warning.
  2. South Florida SHO lurker

    Thanks, guys. Just got confirmation that the car has arrived at my local carmax. I did find one thing that was a little troubling. Turns out this was a fleet vehicle. Im really hoping it wasnt thrashed too hard.
  3. Power Pack specific VIN?

    Its kinda hard to tell if its alcantara from the picture
  4. I'd like to see some pics and info from this. Might be going the same route.
  5. I haven't seen anything yet in my searches. I have a 2014 low mileage PP coming. I'm planning on doing an interceptor inspired build. Going to do interceptor wheels and a good amount of rubber underneath them. I'll also be adding a push bar in the front. I've got a friend that does the hardware installs for local police cars. So some lights on the inside grill and push bar will work well. I've already got my order in the cart at Livernois. Only doing the necessities to make it a legit 12sec car. Including water/meth. Skipping the intake and exhaust in favor of the sleeper/PD look and sound. Should be super quiet but quick as hell. Still debating whether to go airbags for H&R springs and the swaybar. Also planning a trunk vault for rifle and gear.
  6. Power Pack specific VIN?

    Just did a VIN lookup at this website. Looks like it is a PP car. https://beaverdamautos.com/2014-Ford-Taurus-vin-1FAHP2KTXEG184868.html
  7. Wish Photobucket wasn't garbage. Would like to see these pics.
  8. Power Pack specific VIN?

    Ok. I haven't seen the label in the door. It isn't in any of the pictures. But here's the VIN: 1FAHP2KTXEG184868 I did a vin search and found one previous listing that says the gear ratio is 2.77. But the dealer said he saw a trans cooler in the lower grill. And it kinda looks like this one has the alcantara steering wheel. https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/inventorylisting/viewDetailsFilterViewInventoryListing.action?inventorySearchWidgetType=MY_LISTINGS#listing=182225241 EDIT: Just talked to the guy at Carmax. Asked him for a picture of the sticker inside the drivers door. And a pic of the trans cooler in the front lower grill. I'm already committed to the purchase. Just want to know what I'm buying.
  9. Was wondering if there is a specific digit or place in the VIN that would indicate the power pack option. I would imagine there is. Would be nice to know a specific area to look. Especially since a lot of dealers have no idea.
  10. South Florida SHO lurker

    Been reading quite a bit on here. Been parting out my Fiat build for the past 2 weeks. Finally found a low mileage SHO in a Carmax lot in Indiana. So I just paid to have it brought down here. Not sure how long that will take. But I'm excited. The Fiat part out has funded my mod list. Going to start with.. Livernois tuner MAP Plugs Thermostat Water/meth Not bothering with intake or exhaust (for right now at least). Because I want to keep it as stock looking as possible. Going to find a set of interceptor wheels and a push bar for the front. Debating wether to go H&R springs or air bags. Here's the car. https://www.carmax.com/car/14938540?adcode=EM_XFERE1&utm_campaign=CRM_XFER_E1&utm_source=CRM_XFER_E1_ViewCarLNK&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=CRM_Reserved&sn=14938540&name=Eric&scname=Sal%20Capobianco&scemail=Sal_Capobianco@carmax.com&scphone=(561)%20738-2440&sccopied=N&sc_cid=emxferlp&loc_num=7113&gcid=3561196#&gid=1&pid=17 There's 2 dings on the passengers side of the car and both passenger wheels are curbed. But Carmax has to take care of that. And those appear to be the only issues. I asked the guy at Carmax in Indi to look for a trans cooler in the front lower grill. He says it's got one. And he says it's got the alcantara steering wheel. So I might have lucked out and found a PP SHO. A 2014 PP SHO with 23k miles for under $25k!? I'll take it!