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  1. Thanks for the reply. I found that one, based on the picture that is not the correct part. My was not that shape.
  2. I changed the oil in my 2011 MKS EcoBoost recently. When I got under the car the cover under the engine was missing. I can understand what happened to I put it back on after he last oil change. There were no remnants of it at all, just gone. Does anyone know the Ford OEM part number for this part. I have searched and could not find any information. Also does anyone make an aftermarket aluminum cover to replace the original. I can not imagine this could fall off while I was driving and not notice it. Also I can see someone stealing it. The car never sets outside for any length of time other than at work. I can't see it being stolen while at work. But I guess that water under the bridge, I just want to get a replacement. Any help would be appreciated.