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  1. So, my youngest daughter has been complaining about how cramped the back of the Mini is... So today, I SWAPPED MY RIDE! Walked into Hagen Ford in Bay City this morning at 10:00am to find a Tuxedo Black Focus ST in the show room... 2 hours later, I'm terrorizing the streets of Bay City in my new ST! Ok, so I really wasn't doing anything tooooo crazy... LOL! I am simply amazed by this vehicle! Will have to get some GoPro vids! LOL! Rained on and off today... can't wait to take it out on a nice dry day! For now... a couple of snapshots:
  2. Went to the track today, just for fun... I've never run a manual at the track, so that was new! Traction was pretty much non-existent... [video=youtube;9lu5SMt9Dgc]
  3. THIS IS NOT A MOD! Since I'm now trapping at 107 MPH, upgrading the rotors and pads is a SAFETY UPGRADE! Not a MOD!! yeah, that's it! LOL! Rotors and pads arrived today from RotorPros: Ok... so it might be a bit RICER... but until I can afford some type of big brake kit ($$$$$)... these will have to do! LOL
  4. Mustang gets Ecoboost in US 2015

    Well here's my dyno sheet from my little 2.0 EB. Blue - Stock tune RED - 93 Octane tune
  5. When I bought my ST back in October, i told pretty much everyone that I wasn't going to mod this car... well, since completely failed at that, i figured, what the heck, might as well embrace my failure and build another highly customized vehicle... much to my wife's dismay... As it stands, I already had a MRT exhaust, JBR RMM, a TT upper mount, and a Cobb AP tune... Now I really LOVED the MRT 2012 SEMA vehicle... a 2013 Fusion: I decide to steal a number of elements from the MRT Fusion and incorporate them into my ST... That whole imitation is the sincerest form of flattery thing! That being said I... I came of with a couple of rough photochops and shared them with Scott from MRT. Now, I'm on a limited budget, so this isn't a full out SEMA build... so I'll have to do things like reuse the stock wheels... Here are my poor attempt at photoshop: Last week we discussed the project and Scott agreed it would be pretty cool... Last Saturday we kicked off the projects by installing the hood vents, which some of you have seen and commented on... Very happy how they turned out! Yesterday, I was once again back at MRT to drop the ST off for the next step, PAINT! Scott and I finalized the paint layout. One thing that Scott is changing from my photoshops is he is going to put a grey border around the red, just like he did on the Fusion. It will make the transition from black to red less harsh. He is also going to have the red slightly narrower. Here is a horribly crappy cell pic as we were laying out some of the tape: Now, one thing I didn't photoshop was the interior. For the interior, we are going to do the center stack in red... depending on where we are in my limited budget we may do the pieces in the hydrographic carbon fiber... The other thing Scott is going to investigate the front door panels... We weren't sure if the panels can easily be removed... So now the hard part... WAITING!!! The ST should be heading to the paint booth this week. Scott will be sending me update photos and I'll be sure to post them here....
  6. Busy day today.... First stop Alternative Auto for some dyno time! Pulls were in 4th gear.... Cobb Stage 1 93 v103: Here is the Cobb tune vs Stock tune: I then ran over to MRT... Made Scott cut open that stock resonator! And then finally, thanks to the great suggestion on another forum, I had Scott swap out my MRT banner! New banner works a lot better!!!
  7. Thanks! Now go test drive one and really forget about the Subaru!
  8. Yeah, i still can't believe the different the resonator swap made! oh... and....
  9. This was with the MRT exhaust (think muffler delete):
  10. Ok... Ok... Finally got around to dressing the tires today.... couple of snapshots....
  11. Yeah, can't wait for Saturday... I drove the ST more today and I swear it's pulling harder since we swapped the resonator... Scott going to cut the stock one open so we can see what the insides are really like... Congrats on the ST! Mine's an ST2 also...
  12. So we are all familiar with stock resonator.... well, here is mine... yep, was at MRT today and we whacked it out. Thing about the stock resonator is the chamber in the middle of it... you can see the area where the heat has changed the color of the resonator.... I'm not an exhaust expert but my understanding is that a chamber like that is NOT GOOD on on a turbo.. So... we replaced it with: This resonator does not have a camber in it like the stock one... We just test clamped it in first... Made a short video... unfortunately not my best effort... was very windy today! Plus my normal Test Driver wasn't available... LOL! [video=youtube;zhJD_AU-Lac] As for the results... In-Cabin sound appears to be unaltered! Exterior sound... about the same volume, at idle or light throttle maybe hair quieter and deeper... At WOT, the sound is a bit more "rough"... not as refined... a little bit more raw sound. Also seemed to notice a bit more gurgle on decel... Now I don't consider the changes bad, just different... Performance... Ok, i hate commenting on performance without some actual data.. the placebo effect with cars can be very powerful... LOL! That being said, the new resonator seem to me to make the car a bit more responsive... throttle felt a bit snappier... In 2nd gear it seems like it was a LOT easier to spin the tires. After the swap i was surprised how easy the tires were spinning, even though I was on the same road/pavement earlier in the day when the temps were COLDER! Again, just my casual observations...
  13. Ok.. my car was FILTHY!! And GoPros pick up a lot of wind noise..... SO... I used the GoPro video and the audio soundtrack from my camcorder to create this.... [video=youtube;DwWo-dSEWW0]
  14. After they told me they couldn't do the flush, i said drain as much as you can and refill. I also asked them to have the tech pay close attention to the fluid. The tech reported back the fluid was like new! And that is after some very very hard miles!
  15. Ok... here's the interesting thing... I took the Flex in and asked them to flush the tranny. They told me they couldn't do a flush because there is some internal check valve. The best they could do was drain the tranny as much as they could and then refill. I've seen those investigative reports where people get ripped off at certain quickie places that charge for services they never do... so wonder if my dealership doesn't know what they are talking about, don't have the right equipment, or dealerships are telling folks they did the flush.... ?????