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  1. Fastest MKS

    My 2011 MKS has a LMS 4+ tune and some springs, and nothing else. I took it to the track one night and ran a 12.97 @ 105 with it.
  2. Traded the SHO

    Good luck with your new Subie-do. I like being on the other side of deals like yours though... at least you didn't buy your car brand new... not sure how many miles you put on your car, but driving costs money and $9000 ain't the moon and the stars.
  3. 12 sec MKS!

    Thanks Killer! Just a tune... and Eibachs... and I stripped the junk out of the trunk. I also had 57 degree air! But who cares... my slip say 12.9xxx and that's why I went to the track that night!
  4. Close or no chance?

    The nice/boring thing about our cars is they don't make mistakes. The AWD hooks up and the automatic does it's thing. The bad/exciting thing about the CTS is they don't tolerate fools well. 556 or 565 or whatever hp will smoke the back tires without launching the car, and a missed shift or even mis-timed shift can spoil a good run. I wish our cars were RWD manuals!
  5. Close or no chance?

    Wait for a rainy day.
  6. Disappointed

    Thats what matters most!
  7. Disappointed

    TSS, i think that's typical. And I really like it!
  8. 12 sec MKS!

    Thanks for fixing me! I did try the preview post and it looked nuts there. So I'd edit it, but once I saved it automatically went nuts again. In all honesty, I wasn't paying 100% attention to what I was doing though, and I really didn't know what I was doing either, so I'm sure I'm part of the weak link! Thanks for liking the plate. I have on on my blue Maruader and one on my Navigator too. Pennsylvania doesn't require front license plates, but all 3 of these were out of state cars and already had holes in the front that needed something. I find the Stars & Stripes to be just right. Glad you approve!
  9. 12 sec MKS!

    Lookie, they took my picture: [url=http://www.pittsburghracewaypark.com/photoAlbum/main.php?cmd=imageview&var1=2013.05.14+Street+TNT% 2F_MG_0024.jpg]http://www.pittsburghracewaypark.com/photoAlbum/main.php?cmd=imageview&var1=2013.05.14+Street+TNT% 2F_MG_0024.jpg[/url=http://www.pittsburghracewaypark.com/photoAlbum/main.php?cmd=imageview&var1=2013.05.14+Street+TNT% 2F_MG_0024.jpg] Grr... linky no pasty good.
  10. This could make laundry fun

    I heard Whirlpool offers a tune for it that makes the whites even whiter!
  11. 12 sec MKS!

    Pittsburgh Raceway Park. I can take piics of my slips, but I'm photobucket illiterate. I'll be happy to text/email the slip to somebody else though!
  12. 12 sec MKS!

    I'm in the 12s... just barely! 12.9713 @ 104.05 on the car's first run down the strip ever. It's got a LMS 4+ and Eibach springs. I removed the spare tire & trunk mat as well as the plastic engine cover to help it shed a little more heat. 19,000 mile Michelins. Track conditions were great for my combo... air temp was about 57 degrees and my AWD would spin lightly for 10-15 feet if left at about 2200 rpms. All the RWD stuff was struggling to hook. For me, it was fast, quiet, easy, simple. Slowing down was the most exciting part. Hate to say it... almost boring! But so what, because I'm in the 12s with a Lincoln! Nearly hot lapping it... maybe a 10-15 minute cool down max, I ran a 13.0903 @ 102.76 and a 13.0840 @ 102.69. My first run was about an 1800 rpm launch with just a chirp. My second was about 2000 with a little squeal, and my 3rd was the 2200 rpm with a bit of spin. 60s were 1.93, 1.90, and 1.89. So, a harder launch was helping... but the heat was slowing me down at the far end. The track was empty tonight; it was a test & tune for street cars only that was rescheduled from a week ago and only about 40 cars showed. Once I had my 12.9713 I was happy but figured I play a little while longer. If I left at 8:00ish I could make it home in time to say goodnight to the kids. I figured I'd have to cool for about an hour to match my first run... and with a 12 sec slip in my pocket I headed for home. Oh, the car had 2 children's booster seats in the back seat the whole time!
  13. NOOB Question - Tuning process

    On my MKS, the LMS tune also activated the "Grade Assist" feature in our transmission. Search around a bit and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's not like finding a pot of gold or an extra 75hp, but it does give the shifting schedule a bit more edge than the typical MKS buyer seeks.
  14. Hey Everyone! New MKS Owner

    Welcome! I'm astonished at how quick our tuned MKS is... and the rest of the time it's really a nice car. I hope you are enjoying yours.