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  1. New SHO Owner

    Welcome to the Forum!
  2. Welcome to AutoAnything!

    We would like to welcome AutoAnything as our new sponsor! Thank you! http://www.autoanything.com/
  3. Welcome to PPE Engineering!

    We would like to welcome PPE Engineering as our new sponsor! Thank you! http://ppeengineering.com/
  4. We would like to welcome Livernois Motorsports as our new sponsor! Thank you! http://www.livernoismotorsports.com/
  5. Facebook page

  6. Facebook page

    That is a great idea Red. We will get to it.
  7. password reset

    Use the drop down menu on the top right by your name and pick User setting, then Account. Put you temp PW in and then your new PW in twice. Then save. That should do it!
  8. Ecoboost Owners Forum

    We downloaded and installed a major update tonight. So far, everything is looking good and working properly. Please send me a PM if you find any issues. Thanks for sticking with us!
  9. Ecoboost Owners Forum

    Good to see some new and old members. Work on the site is continuing! Thank you!
  10. Ecoboost Owners Forum

    We have seen our PM's from members but are having trouble responding. They will be answered as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.
  11. Ecoboost Owners Forum

    We are starting the process to revive and repair this forum. Please bear with us. Thanks!
  12. Please welcome our newest sponsor!

    Please welcome our newest sponsor, MAK Performance. They can help you with your downpipe needs.
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  14. Tapatalk

  15. Tapatalk

    I think I fixed it. Should be all set for everyone!