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  1. What ever happened to the water dripping in foot well? What? oh yeah -- water...... Um it stopped.........and I've had the cabin filter out and checked that to make sure it wasn't plugged........ No more dripping so far -- it was probably the deluge we had that day -- It was unusually heavy. C.
  2. Hmm -- sounds like ACC can be turned off on newer SHO's and have just normal cruise left on. I had that on my Lexus ISF but not on my '11. -- I only have ACC or nothing. C.
  3. yes to adaptive cruise. Good to know -- thanks. I expect in severe weather the computers don't allow normal usage of systems. I did the garden hose deal while in the driveway tosee if any leakage but none -- couldn't replcate. Going out again and still rainging tho not so hard -- will see what happens next trip. Colin.
  4. I do have the radar cruise and wondered if the heavy rain would not allow usage. -- or block its 'vision'....
  5. Weird smell

    LOL yeah a can of something ..... :hurt: -- Have the dealer sniff out the offending area -- I expect it's exhaust which (to me) points to cats. C.
  6. Something else strange happened too during the ride home: the Collision Warning stopped working (displayed that message) and when I tried the cruise control It also was not working (also displayed) -- Wondering if heavy rain negates those functions or not. No other issues that I could detect. -- heavy rains on the way home .. C.
  7. Thanks SHOdded, Not that high -- only half inch or so -- no buildup of water but very heavy downpour. As you say there are vent tubes around the cowling that may be clogged -- I've have to see if it passes and maybe get Ford to look at it.
  8. Have water coming into the front passenger footwell, dripping down onto the upper portion of the floormat and puddling on the WeatherTechs. Really heavy downpour and car sitting in p/lot and not moving. Not noticed this b4 but wondering if anyone else has had this issue. No drips while driving home. Are there any TSB's or recalls concerning this problem? TNX Colin.
  9. Octane ???

    Should be fine but don't horse it for the rest of the tank. Octane booster would help too. C.
  10. Weird smell

    LOL yeah that sulphur smell could be overpowering at times -=:RpS_tongue:=-- but seriously, It's got to be the exhaust and if the cats get messed up they can give off that kind of stench......Next time you notice it go sniff the e/pipes..... If it's not that then check your drawers for 'lumps'.....:RpS_tongue: C.
  11. Cool bigfoot -- decent mileage from the SHO and no hiccups. C.
  12. Happy birthday showgun!

    Thanks guys -- LOL Mike, don't remind me -- It's a blessing that I don't really feel my age........ I miss you guys too -- I'll try and stop by more often. Cheers.. I'll think of you guys in our celebrations today. C.