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  1. And here's some more info on the engine, etc. !! http://www.enginelabs.com/news/a-look-at-the-record-setting-ecoboost-sportscar-engine/
  2. The record has been broken!!!!! http://www.racer.com/ford-ecoboost-sets-new-daytona-speed-record/article/315631/
  3. I'm interested in how and what to remove to get at the radio. There doesn't seem to be any info on how to remove the trim pieces.
  4. Fun race weekend

    Thanks, We live in East TN (Knoxville area) Don't get out on the road too much.
  5. What a great time. Went to the Turbo Buick dot Com nationals in Burlington NC this past few days. Couldn't get my Grand National there, but drove there in the MKT to watch and meet up with friends. Amongst all the FAST turbo Buicks, they actually let us have a mini Ecoboost challenge because there were three of us there!! My MKT, and two F150's (a 4x4 and a 2wd). My MKT ran consistent 9.30's all day The 4x4 ran consistent 9.30's all day The 2wd ran consistent 9.90's all day (could get decent traction). I took the 2wd pickup out in the first round And just barely took out the 4x4 in the second(last) round to win the challenge!!! BTW We are all BONE STOCK!! You long time drag racers will especially appreciate the significance of these numbers on that run. Me, Left lane 4x4, right lane R/T .015 R/T .008 60' 2.168 60' 2.061 330' 6.067 330' 6.010 1/8 9.338 1/8 9.349 MPH 76.44 MPH 74.88 My margin of victory .0048 !!! OMG!! Yes we both have a ton of drag race experience All my practice rounds were 9.30's at 76MPH All his practice rounds were 9.30's at 74MPH
  6. Not bad. Weighed my MKT at the track this weekend. A mere 4,990 (without me)!
  7. Reduce it's sensitivity, and it wont be so annoying.
  8. I'm confused. Your wife says an MKT is too flashy to be carrying the kids around in, yet you end up with a top of the trim line CXL Enclave???? How does that logic work? :ballchain:
  9. My Turbo ZX-14 build thread.

    Had a champion spark plug loose its tip some time back....destroyed the turbine wheel in the turbo on my 87 GN.
  10. Tail of the Dragon!

    Actually the tail of the dragon is here in my neck of the woods in East TN. On Hwy 129 in Blount Co. to be exact.
  11. Yup, works. I keep mine on the (far) setting. That seems to work best.
  12. 1. What is the 0430 code point to?? 2. If your race gas is leaded that would be very bad. It'll quickly kill the narrow band O2 sensors in the system. Wouldn't do the Wideband's much good either, but they can tolerate it longer.
  13. Ya, but it's way bigger and beefier than ours!!
  14. I can't agree that we have the ERBC unit. You'll notice it's labeled for 4WD applications. Labels are important in the auto industry. Our vehicles are NOT 4wd, they are in fact AWD, and the two are different, very different.
  15. Fastest Lincoln MKT on the planet!

    Nice runs Steve. Now I know what the potential is for mine if I decide to throw a tune at it!! You're close on the weight. I had mine weighed at the track last fall and with 1/2 tank of gas it weighed 4980, without me in it.