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  1. Mks ptu service.

    There are no plugs to remove to get to the fluid on my MKS. I heard that on the SHOs their is.? ??
  2. Hello, I haven't posted on this forum in quite some time. I have a 2011 MKS with about 45,000miles and the ecoboost package and I want to service my ptu. The place I took it to says that it's a sealed unit. How are people changing the fluid in these? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks everyone ! I added a half a quart more and now the dipstick reads properly ! When ever I got it back from the dealer and checked the oil it always read a half quart low also. I dont think that they every looked at the stick or were tring to cut costs by not adding the extra half quart.
  4. Changed my oil for the first time myself a couple of days ago since the Lincoln maintenince plan expired. What a piece of cake. Took probably a half an hour or so! Put in 5.5 quarts of RP 5w-30 and a Motorcraft FL-500 filter.Owners manual says 5.5 quarts but according to the dipstick it still seems a half a quart low???
  5. Fastest MKS

    Lol, No offence taken !!! Can you run 93 octane with the Livernois 3 bar tunes ? My tires were the stock Michelins. I have Nittos on her now. Not sure what kind they are one size wider than stock. It may be just the track I ran on Milan dragway is known for having traction issuses sometimes. How is the airraid doing me more harm than good ???
  6. Fastest MKS

    I have a 2011 MKS that runs consistent 13.1s @105mph. I have the Livernois stage 4+ tune and a airraid cold air intake. If I could get better traction off the line I think I could run a 12.9 or so !
  7. Stage 4+ question

    I have a 2011 MKS and have been running the stage 4+ program since it first came out. I still have my stock plugs and thermostat. Seems to run just fine!!!
  8. My Custom Cat Back Exhaust (VIDS inside)

    Damn, That sounds really good !!!
  9. I saw something called pimp juice it's supposed to be even sticker than VHT.
  10. Hot Rod Lincoln

    I had the stage 4+ in my MKS and had to take it out for the winter. I called Rick @ Livernois and told him I was having major traction issues with the 4+ he suggested I put in the stage 2 tune for the winter. It seems much better, I was spinning the stock tires badly from a brisk take off and when it would shift. The best time I could run in the 1/4 mile was 13.1 @ about 105 mph with a 2.xx 60'. When I wear out the stock Michelins I will be going to a softer tire for better traction!!!
  11. Got my new Explorer Sport.

    Sweet ride! congrats!!!
  12. Wow, It must have been really exciting!!!
  13. When will Fusion and Escape AWD Ecoboost start to be tuned?

    Rick, How about the 2013 mkz with the 4cyl. ecoboost, will you be able to tune those?
  14. Livernois Motorsports Customer Appreciation Track Rental # 2

    Back Home from milan! I would like to thank Rick and Dan and everyone else at Livernois for the track day! The MKS ran a best of 13.11@105.14. I am really happy although I was trying for a 12 sec run. The track had some traction issues due to the cold weather my 60' was 2.0. I met some really nice guys that were running a lot faster than me but due to traction I didn't see any 11's. Good luck to everyone still there!!!