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  1. I ran these same tires on my 2011 WRX hatch after one of my stock Dunlops picked up a half inch bolt that went into the sidewall. For a summer tire, you'll be hard pressed to find a better tire. The grip available out of these is astounding, especially when you consider that they have a 300 treadwear rating. Great looking setup!
  2. New Ford Taurus Police Interceptor Info

    Our local PD has been taking delivery of their Taurus PI vehicles, they went with 6 total, 4 marked and two unmarked. All 6 are the turbocharged AWD models. They also have a few Hemi Chargers and we still have a couple of CVPI left as well. They've also gotten two of the pursuit rated Explorer models. Our city is good about keeping us in great equipment, whether it is fire trucks or police vehicles.
  3. New SHO owner in MN

    Thanks for the welcome everyone, I haven't had a chance to take pictures of it yet. This is the first week I've had it and so far its been 12-18 hour days but I'll try to get some up this weekend. It's been a learning curve so far, and I'm realizing that I have a lot to read up on and research before I get to the level I was at with Subarus. It's definitely a different level of vehicle, it's not really even a fair comparison since a new WRX is about half of what a new SHO is. The AWD systems between the two cars are definitely different (although Subaru has 6 different types of AWD depending on the transmission and the application with varying torque splits and driver adjustability) but I think this will get me through the winters just fine. I think the only option my car doesn't have is the Performance Package and the radar adaptive cruise control, and since I almost never get to use cruise while driving here in the Twin Cities I'm ok with it. Coming from a Subaru "stereo" to the Sony system in the SHO has been a real delight. I've probably spent 10 hours or so copying CD's to the hard drive and getting the Nav waypoints and Phonebook loaded up and getting used to working with a multifunction display is a new experience in a car, but a very fun one. On ramps never get old with this car. It may not be the corner carver that my WRX was, it's still entertaining enough that I don't see myself getting bored with it. I think my favorite part about the car is the stealth factor. In my WRX, I tended to draw the attention of clowns in various models of cars who would try to get me to race. Having had to extricate people from car wrecks caused by street racing/stupidity behind the wheel tends to change your perspective on the merits of it, and after a while it just got old. This just flies under the radar, and that's exactly what I wanted out of a performance car. I do have new tires being delivered tomorrow, I'm going with a decent set of all seasons for this year and going with a dedicated set of wheels/snow tires next year. I ordered a set of Continental DWS in 255/45/20. They were almost 140 bucks cheaper than the stock 245s and will fit just fine from everything I've read.
  4. New SHO owner in MN

    Hey everyone, my name is Brian and I just purchased a CPO 2010 SHO in Tuxedo Black. I'm coming from 10 years in the Subaru community, so AWD and turbocharging are things I'm very familiar with. I sold a 2011 WRX for this, I loved the car but I was tired of commuting 50 miles in fairly heavy traffic with a 5 speed. So far, sitting in traffic with the heated seats and massage working has really taken the edge off of it I'm looking forward to learning more about these cars, in stock form it's already faster in everyday driving than my WRX was. It's quiet, comfortable and quick and while not quite as tossable as my WRX was, it's still plenty entertaining.