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  1. Power Loss After Catback

    strange, all i know is when i put my borla cbacks on it had no effect on power & really not a lot of change in sound. tough to make a 6 sound like an 8 unless you start removing resonators or other exhaust parts. as when i was looking, now ages again neither magnaflow or borla had an atak version for the sho like they had for other cars.
  2. Ford performance exhaust

    i have the borla cback on my sho. to me i like better than corsa, a deeper sound. but still on the inside you aren't going to hear it. it looks great & since ss will last. but don't care what you do tough to make a 6 sound like an 8. just go to the drag stripe & even straight you can tell a 6 from & 8 a mile away. & they are pricey. no fancy uptodate phone to record it. was some on youtube when i bought mine way back in '12.
  3. bruce: they got to start sweating like crazy in the other lane when you pull up. losing to a sho is one thing losing to a lincoln is a whole new level as most people don't have a clue in '10 lincoln was basically just a jazzed up sho.
  4. DUB Chicago 2017.....

    congrads mike. nice trophy. always interesting to see the class your sho gets put in. but full size car makes a lot of sense. at the ford feast down here the only class she fits into is big car, pony guys give me a lot of grief over that & looking at all that you got in your car it's not wonder that most of taurus's where snapped up by company's with traveling sales guys. once again congrads for showing off to my mind the best new gen sho around.
  5. DUB Chicago 2017.....

    good luck mike. yes yours should be something at night & always looks like a winner to me. been doing pretty good here in stl but of course on a much smaller level than yours. last week was in an open class as usual. 2000-present stock with ponys, vettes & camaro's having there own classes. so had all my mopar buds plus a couple GM products like a V in my class that where stock. can still sneak into stock class(3 small mods max). was a 290 car show with only 2 trophies per class & i counted 12 in my class & ended up 2nd to a well done hellcat, who actually done some show stuff & really deserved it, so was happy about that. usually the hellcats drive up like they come off the show floor & expect a trophy. anyway the usual comments, can't believe it's a taurus. so spreading the word like you. i carry some stuff to shows but a generator is something else. Well good luck to you & right now planning for tulsa next year & hoping we can meet up again.
  6. How old are you?

    first of all don. you are just a year older than me. second the dodge dealer is full of ****. there are still '16 hellcats in st louis & are discounting them. as mark & mike know have 1 foot in each community with my '10 sho show queen & my '17 scat pack chally shaker. to me the hellcat in my climate is a 6-8 month car. the sho is a full time ride. both cars are stuck with me for life, which our age could be tomorrow. but i'd never trade the sho for a hellcat. hellcat is an accident looking to happen. now my scat pack with it's 485hp/475# torque is a car that can drive year around. but do have to be careful. rear wheel drive is much more sensitive to error than the sho's awd. keep what you have, the sho is to me ford's greatest secret.
  7. not a fan either, but if your good at it which you look like you are then fine. the real area that i don't like is dipped wheels. even the best have bad spots in a couple months. have tried tape some, if in a straight line, ok, if not you better be good or the stuff i've seen done, doesn't look all that good.
  8. my escape does the same, i had dealer clean the drain. but smell came back. so will have to take back to dealer & see if they can come up with fix
  9. Toyo Proxes 4 plus

    from reviews i found looks like a good tire except in snow. if you don't get snow i wouldn't worry. i got conti dws's & love them but i get snow.
  10. V11 tune is out

    brian: need to update your pic. you know the fastest sho's are all white!!!!
  11. May be in trouble with the wife

    mark: just saw this. & like we talked i think right now the loss of weight will make her forget anything. well maybe not anything. like a shelby showing up in the driveway might cause an issue or a new blonde girlfriend. but outside of that i think you'll get a free ride for a while anyway!!!
  12. don't look like stock to me either & for sure not cback. a lot of different types used. on cbacks mainly corsa or a clone. i have 1 of 4 that i know of borla. love the deep sound compared to corsa. was in summits book so borla made it special for a few of us. sounds good but no way you can make a 6 sound like an 8 without drone.
  13. mark: that's because you are an old fart like me & yes 89 they have been an issue from day 1 just like the peeling taillight trim.
  14. Kid crashes car = Mom gets newer car

    looks good mike & glad things worked out. my sister has a sonata & she loves it. actually more in line with what i wanted for my daughter when my old '02 stratus r/t started having tranny issues. & i've ridden in it & was surprised as well as it fit & finish. she's had some issues but dives a good 50-75 miles a day. i as well had a bad taste for the ford dealer that i bought the escape from. they messed up the math, but wouldn't think of splitting the difference which would have been only $250 on their part, so i cancelled the extended warranty, so they could get their full $500 & they had a fit & took me being a real a** to get rest of money back. so when the review card from ford came in i slammed them hard & to my amazement never received a call from anyone at ford, which told me they must not look at them. needless to say have never taken car back there. well any way enough about that. but glad things worked out & no one hurt.
  15. Thanks to Rich Y. (SHOnUup4).....

    mike: rich is for sure good people. nice to have models & detail are amazing. got one of my '71 340 duster, my fav car up to the last 3. was my fav for many reasons, but most especially bought it from the dealer where my dad worked. the owner really liked my dad, so he had my dad detail it & take it for it's first test drive. then when i picked it up during a day when my dad was working. got all paperwork done & was waiting to get the keys, had my salesman, owners son, play dumb like he couldn't find them but had my dad come up from the shop to give me the keys. i was young & thought just cool, but now a days with my old mopar mechanic gone, it's one of the best memories of my life. took my new dd this year for him to see on father's day, i know he liked it. miss that tradition we had of getting together when i got a new car for him to test drive it. i'm sure he was thinking well you dumb kid, you buy a bright yellow car & not expect to get a ticket. just like when i got the duster & immediately put glass pack mufflers on it. back to rich. well i bought the new sho tshirt that was available on rich's site & the package said xl but was a small/cp. I mean real small, & i really have no one to give it to so sent up to rich for his boys. wish i'd have had 2 but only one, so hope it doesn't cause any hard feelings