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  1. Continental at the track

    I think there is but I am pretty happy with where it is now. I did get one tune revision after going to the track - primarily to adjust shift points. If it doesn't rain, I will go back to the track this week. My tune is really pretty mild. Basically, I am running about 2 degrees more timing and 2 PSI more boost. He worked quite a bit on the A/F ratio but I am not sure exactly what he did with it. I am still trying to understand the logs. Torque management was slightly reduced but not totally eliminated. Part throttle shifts are buttery smooth but heavy throttle shifts are quick and firm. The car feels much like the Livernois 4+X I had in the MKS - totally smooth and refined when driven gently but a whole different animal under heavy throttle. Just for the record, Livernois does not have a tune for the Continental but I totally understand why. Anthony told me that I was the only one who had requested a tune for the Continental 3.0. They needed a car in their shop for about a week to develop a tune and do the appropriate testing. It makes no sense for them to spend that kind of time and money for such a limited return on their investment.
  2. Ford drops 3.5l for 2.7l in 2018 SHO

    This is totally incorrect. Motortrend is wrong. The order guide for the 2018 Taurus is out and there are no changes to the SHO. It retains the 3.5 ecoboost. This could be the last year for the Taurus, though. 2018 Taurus Order Guide.pdf
  3. My tracks have specific requirements - Snell 2010 or newer. You will not want to buy a used helmet that is out of date for your tracks or that do not meet their standards. Mine is a Zamp and I got it at Amazon and I am happy with it. It was around $100 if I recall correctly.
  4. I used the term "coolant tank" on another forum and someone asked if I meant the degas bottle! Lol
  5. The process that worked perfectly for me is as follows: Once the thermostat was replaced, I added the approximate amount of coolant that was lost to the degas bottle. Obviously, that filled it above the full mark. I then jacked up the right front so the degas bottle was the highest part of the system. I started the car with the cap off the degas bottle and let it warm up until the thermostat opened. I then revved the engine to around 2000 rpm for several seconds and then let it idle for several seconds. I repeated the rev/idle process 2 or 3 times. The extra coolant that I had added to the degas bottle was sucked into the engine replacing any air. After letting the car cool off, I made sure there no leaks and that the coolant level was where I wanted it. I checked it again after driving it for a day or so and the level never changed and the car temps were fine.
  6. Continental at the track

    I think it would have run high 12s in cooler drier air. I don't think it is quite as strong as my Livernois tuned MKS, but it is close. I think the tuner has done a great job considering this is the first Continental anyone has tried to tune and that it is so much different than the 3.5 ecoboost. There is still a lot left on the table, too.
  7. May be in trouble with the wife

    I understand ypur concerns, Mark, but your commitment to a healthier lifestyle is far more impressive than a little band of gold.
  8. Attention Photobucket Users.....

    OK, now it no longer works for me, either. Just curious....why don't sites like this simply allow photos to be posted like Facebook does - thus eliminating the need for a site like photobucket?
  9. Attention Photobucket Users.....

    I don't understand why it still works just fine for my pictures. Maybe this change is being made in stages and my time is coming but so far nothing has changed for me.
  10. Attention Photobucket Users.....

    It still seems to work fine. When does the change take place?
  11. Evenflo 160 stat for 2.0 Ecoboost

    The location of the 'stat in some other engines like the 2.0, 2.7 and 3.0 make us realize how easy it is to change it in the 3.5 ecoboost.
  12. Crickets......

    Thank you and Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there!
  13. Crickets......

    We are heading out to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks Tomorrow to do some hiking, wildlife photography and site seeing. I do not want to worry about bad roads or parking dings so we are renting a car for the trip and leaving the Continental safely in the garage. I have something to look forward to on our return. I sent a couple of datalogs to AJPturbo who is going to be developing a tune for me. Hopefully I will have the first version to try out when I return. It is very interesting to have a tuner analyze a datalog and tell you exactly what he sees your car doing - and not doing. Apparently, mine has a lot of potential. Hopefully, we can get it dialed in within just a few revisions. I do not plan to be in a perpetual state of tuning. I just hope to get it as quick as my old LMS tuned MKS. If we can get it quicker, I will not complain!
  14. SHO Pace Car

    I do follow NASCAR but I didn't know the SHO had been used as a pace car before. Thanks for the info, Mark.
  15. SHO Pace Car

    I do not believe the Gen 4 SHO has ever been used as a pace car in NASCAR. It seems odd to use it now that the the Gen 4 is getting a bit long in the tooth and has a very iffy future. Seems like they would use a Fusion Sport or Mustang. Don't get me wrong....I like the idea of using an SHO, but it seems strange to me under the circumstances.
  16. 600 Calories a day? Congratulations, Mark, for your dedication to a healthy life. I probably have 600 calories in my mid-morning snack.
  17. Those perma chrome wheels of yours have sure stayed nice, especially considering the Michigan winters.
  18. Todd, your MKS is awesome. Looks great and runs great, too!! I should have kept my MKS!!! This is not nearly as much fun with a stock Continental:
  19. I ran Livernois tunes on my MKS from 2012 until I sold the car last December. I started out with the basic 4+, moved to 4+X and eventually obtained a race tune. I never had a single issue. Daily drivability remained excellent and performance was impressive. I had about 50 or so quarter mile passes on the car with a best of 12.68 @ 108.5. I had zero other mods on the car. I replaced the MKS with a 2017 Continental but now that the tracks are open, I really miss my Livernois tuned MKS!!
  20. Dave, how does it hook up? Much wheelspin? Hop? What RPM are you launching at and what tire pressure are you running?
  21. Sorry to hijack your thread! Keep us posted on your Sport!!
  22. Hope so. If you still have any influence with them, I would love some help!! I offered to take my car to them but they said they would need it for a week. Can't do that!
  23. I am jealous....still no one has a tune for a 3.0 Continental. I thought sure the tune Livernois has for the 3.0 MKZ would transfer over to the Conti with the same engine. I miss my MKS ecoboost - especially when the tracks open here soon. Again, congrats on the 12s. I knew those 2.7s had a lot of potential!
  24. Dave, any plans to have Dan put your Sport on the dyno and create an even stronger tune like you did with your SHO?
  25. Congratulations on getting to the 12s! I wasn't sure you would get there with the (I presume) heavier wheels and tires you are running.