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  1. Traded the SHO

    I recently sold my sho as well and found that it also depreciated a great deal. I bought it for $30k with 18k miles and drove it for just over a year. I tried to trade it in, but with just over 50k miles on the dash I found they would only be willing to give me about $16-18k. I ended up selling it privately for $25k and was very lucky to get that. I find it hard to believe a car that stickers at just under $50k would lose that much value so quickly. I realize that all vehicles depreciate with miles but the sho seemed to do worse than most. My 2004 cobra with over 80k miles still commands about $20k in resale even in this market.
  2. That is amazing work. I would love to have my cobra done. Is there anyone in the northern Virginia that you know does good work? What would this run generally?
  3. Race gas?

    I ran a few gallons at the track and it tripped my check engine light. To much for the cats. I wouldn't run it unless you had a race gas tune.
  4. Hello just joined today.

    I picked up my 2010 SHO in late 2011 with 25k miles for $28k. It was a certified Ford executive car. I got a 100k mile warranty. Since there are really no significant changes between the years I would say save the dough and get a pre owned one.
  5. Pretty dang cool, for ANY car guy to read!!

    That is a huge car!
  6. Traded my BOSS 302 for a 13 SHO

    Welcome! Were you on svtp?
  7. Livernois Built 2011 Mustang GT Street Car - Dyno & Track

    Holy smokes! Between the cost of the car and the cost of the build he could have had a fully optioned 13 Shelby. I didn't see any stall converter or rear end work. Hope he plans on spending more money once those go!
  8. I used dawn dish soap to prep the surface and put 4-5 good coats on with drying in between. That was last spring. All my plasti dip is still holding up fine. And I platidipped everything. [ATTACH]1694[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1695[/ATTACH]
  9. Good base coat of quality wax every 3-4 months and all you will need to do is wipe her down with a quick detailer. I use a wax called black hole. Made by chemical brothers. Great for dark cars. Sent from my iPhone while I should be working.
  10. Well said as always Mike. I apologize for the spat but I won't tolerate people calling me and "idiot". I also didn't think that posting a personal experience regarding an ecoboost vehicle would have gotten me bashed. That's why I joined ecoboost owners forum. It won't happen again. Sent from my iPhone while I should be working.
  11. Well I guess I has better scamper back down to the ford dealer, stand by that ST and let everyone know not to buy that particular car. Thanks ecoboost forums! Sent from my iPhone while I should be working.
  12. Actually, I'm not an idiot. I'm a 4 time Iraq war Army veteran who has served honorably for the last 12 years, defending your right to call me an idiot. And when I want to spend my HARD earned money on a product I want to make sure it does what it's advertised to do. E-thugs like you are quick to bash on people over the Internet because you think you can hide behind your IP address and live in anonymity. Don't worry sooner or later you will call the wrong person an idiot in person. Sent from my iPhone while I should be working.
  13. So sorry Mr.High and Mighty. I apologize for seriously considering purchasing a new Ford "performance" vehicle and driving it in a spirited manner. Only a schmuck would spend money on something without fully testing and understand its true performance capabilities. So according to you when a car magazine takes a new vehicle, which they don't own, and puts them through rigorous tests like skid pads, 1/4 mile, 0-60, 60-0, and dynos you think they shouldn't brag about it by writing a good article? Let me guess, you are a middle aged gentleman who never takes his Ecoboost "performance vehicle" above 3k rpm. Do me a favor, take your pretentious, derogatory, holier than thou posts elsewhere. Thanks. On another note, as I stated in my OP, the dealer was able to replicate the loud clunking noise. Wonder how he did that? Maybe by driving it the same way I did. Mods, I apologize in advance but I have been on this site for a while and was hoping to avoid posts like that. Unfortunately I was just hoping to shed some light on a new ecoboost vehicle. Didn't plan on getting bashed.
  14. I'm a fan if the stock wheels but for some reason with the body kit it makes them look smaller. I vote for option two. Sent from my iPhone while I should be working.
  15. Sounded like death. And the whole car smelled of toasty clutch when I brought it back! Lol. Nimble car though. Took a 90* turn at 45-50 and it stuck. Sent from my iPhone while I should be working.