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  1. Just wanted everyone to know, it appears that the wire from the harness to the sensor was wrapped around a pipe. Possibly from a recent service. I move the wire and Wa La! Erased the code and it hasn't returned! Brian S. 10 CinnamonSHO
  2. Hey all, I have a 2010 SHO, 38k miles, recently sent the check engine light on. Pulled the code and got P2629: Oxygen Sensor Pumping current Trim Circuit/Open bank 2 Sensor 1. I tried searching here, google, bing and basically found nothing. Possibly just a bad connection on the sensor? Should I just replace the sensor? Is it the rear bank top sensor? Any ideas much appreciated. Brian S. 2010 CinnaSHO Livernois tuned
  3. Noticed the same thing w mine the other night, had it set on vent/floor, thought it was a bit weird, haven't tried cycling the climate control into/out of auto.
  4. Found this article on Ford using the 3.5 EB engine for racing next year. haven't found any more details tho. http://sportscar365.com/grand-am/ford-confirms-ecoboost-engine-set-for-daytona-record-run/ Brian S. 10 CinnaSHO Dynomax axleback and 4+
  5. LMS SCT Tuner

    If it's an XCAL 3, it will work. You will have to return the SHO it's married to, to stock first. Then the next person can buy new tunes to load into it for the Mustang. HTH, Brian S. 10 Cinna SHO
  6. Great to hear! Still debating on whether to get the 2.0 Eco or the 3.7. With one on your tunes, I think I can talk the wife (it'll be her DD) into the Ecoboost. Brian S. 10 CinnaSHO
  7. This is from the Philips Web site. Genuine OEM Osram Bulbs only came in one Color 4200k, 4200k is the only DOT (Department of Transportation) approved Color for HID bulbs, if anyone lists an OEM Osram bulb in 6000k, they are not OEM, they are aftermarket. http://www.philipshidkits.com/oem-genuine-osram-d3s-hid-bulbs/ Also see: http://www.philipshidkits.com/hid-facts/ Brian S. 10 CinnaSHO
  8. I have General G-Max tires on my 06 Mustang GT. I really like the grip and ride. Only I don't like is they have a kinda of soft sidewall. Be VERY careful of curbs, even a light hit will blow them out. Get a Road Hazard warranty. What are going to do with the old rims? Brian S. 10 CinnaSHO Stage4+
  9. hey all, Looking at possibly getting a new 2013 MKZ with the 2.0 Ecoboost. Has anyone worked up a tune for them yet? Could a tune that's for a Focus ST be used? Biggest difference I see is that the ST is a manual and the MKZ is an auto. I do like the torque boost I've seen in the ST tunes. Brian S. 10 CinnaSHO
  10. My dealership sucks!

    I've taken mine to Hassett and Levittown. No problem with either so far, but haven't had any issues w mine, just oil changes. Hassett's waiting room is tiny tho! Brian 2010 CinnaSHO ps hoping to get a chance to put those mufflers on this weekend!
  11. Mustang gets Ecoboost in US 2015

    Very Interesting chart, SCRMING. Engine definitely seems like a torque monster, especially with the tune,but runs out of breath at 5000. Kinda strange that it only gained 2.6 max HP. Wonder what could be done to help the breathing up top... Brian S. 2010 CinnaSHO
  12. My dealership sucks!

    which dealers were they? Would like to know which one to avoid and which to go to here on LI Brian 10 Cinnamon SHO
  13. Wanna go fast?

    That ain't no chick, you see those arms and adam's apple?????? Sounds like a fun event. Wish they had an event like that in the Northeast!
  14. AM I the only one that noticed the Trailer hitch??? That's a lot of photos to be "Spy" shots. Maybe it's an extended tail version to homogolate for NASCAR? :bounce: