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  1. Normal for me, has done it since day one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Motorcraft SP534 .30 tuned .35 untuned.
  3. Idle manifold vacuum questions: 3.5L Taurus

    @idle you should see 20-22 inches of vacuum. Do a compression test. I am thinking do to low idle vacuum the PCM thinks it's under a load and richening the engine.
  4. Mike you should have called me. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. New EB Fusion owner... but not new to the forum

    Hey Rick glad to have you back on the forum. Congrats on the new ride!
  6. Ecoboost Owners Forum

    Its about time, that other place is spiraling out of control.
  7. burning oil smell

    sounds like a possible leaky turbo, better get it to the dealer.
  8. You are correct, Ford is revamping the taurus for 2015. And also moving its assembly to another plant, Flatrock assembly. I work there I have seen nor heard anything for the taurus as of yet. We just complete job 1 for the fusion last week, and the wheels are in motion for the launch of the 2015 mustang. Which I am not even sure exactly when thats suppose to happen, but I have seen parts of the new body. As for the Taurus I've there may not be a SHO for 2015, but I can't see the logic in that. Ford has put a lot in to the EcoBoost engine to stop using, but doesn't mean they won't but just not under a SHO badge.
  9. You can swap to all seasons Michelin MX4V are good all season and so are continental DWS.
  10. Looks Great! You will need some pinch clips for the upper grill. Unfortunately I don't know where to get them perhaps Mobsteel can sell you some. Here is what they look like and where to place them. Found them..http://www.clipsandfasteners.com/Chrysler_Grille_To_Fascia_Fastener_p/a19339.htm
  11. Meth Injection

    You will have to contact Julio.
  12. The bolts are splined and they have to be drive out. Just put the nut on the end of bolt and a couple blow with malted will drive out.
  13. Before I tuned my car, my biggest gripe is how the trans behaved. Its was slow to react when putting your foot on the gas, the tune immediately changed its behavior. And was my reason for seeking out a tune to begin with. But I don't believe that entirely your problem, I've had sluggish behavior before and was due to heat soak. But the car didn't want to go until I hit 25mph, but I can't remember how or what I did to remedy it. But only had the issue one summer and never been back. One simple thing you could try is disconnect the battery for 15mins this will resest the memory and then take for a spin to see if it peps up for you.
  14. I'm sorry I meant to get a pick of today, I will get one up tomorrow.
  15. Its been a long since my car was stock, but I don't recall ever being able to break the tires lose while stock even if brake torqued up 1st. But you don't want wheel spins, if fact most of us in the 500hp plus club are trying to stop wheel spin. And with the AWD drive system quick shuts down any wheel spin as not to damage the system. But wheel spin is false since of power, just watch some videos of these cars at the track against camero's, mustangs, etc. While these cars are smoking there tires the are getting left behind. These cars can be real rockets out of the hole.