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  1. Perf Package Negatives???

    I have a 2013 w/PP. .#2 from TSS above is correct. The higher final drive ratio (3.16 vs 2.77 for non PP) means that it shifts into 3rd at about 55-57 MPH. If we could just have a tune or rev limiter set 100 or so RPM higher, it wouldn't shift into 3rd until after 60.
  2. Recall 13S04

    I don't know the build date of mine off hand, but I know the dealer had it in like Sept '12, so sometime before then.
  3. Recall 13S04

    Yes, just got it today 2013 Tuxedo Black w/PP
  4. Map upgrade

    I can get to syncmyride.com and I can login, but when you click to "check your sync" you just get nothing. Are you saying that you can see your sync version, etc?
  5. Map upgrade

    Wish the Ford site worked for checking, been trying all day. Syncmyride now links/redirects to support.ford.com which is a step in the right direction, but nothing works. At least you used to be able to tell if there was an update or what version you were running.
  6. IMO we haven't had cold A/C since r134a came about. That said, how hot was it outside when you particularly noticed the "not so cold"?
  7. My Custom Grill.

    What mesh is that? Can you list the parts? Thank you
  8. Forum issue?

    To help mitigate the need for multiple pages, I have done this: Click your username in the top right corner of the forum and select user settings. Then select account Scroll down to find the "Posts per page" and select 40 (or whatever you like, "forum default" is 15). That way the forum will not force a 2nd, 3rd, etc page until there are at least 40 posts in a thread. Many threads don't get quite that far for a good period of time so you can always be sure you see the latest posts without having to change pages. I will say that if you are using a slow connection, this may increase your page load times, so be aware of that. Photos attached of the selections you need to make.
  9. 3M carbon fiber wrap?

    It cost me 200 from a firm in Jenison, Michigan. @bpd, I saw pictures of yours but I missed those 2, that does look really rad.
  10. 3M carbon fiber wrap?

    http://www.ecoboostownerforums.com/filedata/fetch?id=40205 Post 217 of the "What did you do to your ecoboost today" thread.
  11. 3M carbon fiber wrap?

    I had mine Hydrographic printed.
  12. Yea, totally silly imo. I am going to make an aluminum puck and remove mine.
  13. My Turbo ZX-14 build thread.

    That sounds wicked, love it.
  14. I just discovered

    Twice quickly just makes the Advance Trac less sensitive, holding for 5 seconds turns it completely off. Advance Trac is the part where it straightens you out if you get sideways, so it should have no real effect at the 1/4 mile. With it off you could toss it around a twisty curvy track and get it to slide sideways, like the Carl Edwards commercials. With it partially disabled you can get the car to slide a bit, but it still corrects. I tested it out rather extensively this past winter.
  15. 2013 hp #s

    Everything I have read says no changes. 365 bhp for the 2013's just like 10-12. Translates into ~284 whp