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  1. Drying towels

    Another detailer spray lover here. Especially since I like to buy black cars. It helps so so much, even with a waffle weave towel. On a black car, you had better never touch it with a terry cloth bath towel! Swirl city!
  2. Wow, that would be hella lean if it's 15:1. Even with direct injection the leanest I've seen stay together is between 12-13:1. Good luck!
  3. Colder spark plugs

    and just FYI you will need to be VERY careful trying to gap iridium plugs because the electrodes are soooo tiny they can easy be bent or broken. Typically on boosted engines you will run .028-.032 gap to avoid spark blowout at higher boost. As for the colder plugs (I haven't read through the entire post word for word) but you typically only need colder plugs if you're running into knock under load at the boost and horsepower levels you're wanting to run. If you run colder plugs and don't need them, it won't gain you anything except hard starting on cold days.
  4. I can't get specifics right now because my dongle is no longer recognized. I'm guessing they never got my signed license agreement and my initial activation ran out. Nothing but trouble getting to where I can tune with this thing I tell ya!!! They use totally different terminology everywhere in SCT land, but the factory turbo settings section is by far the worst. I've tuned every car I've owned since the late 90's on GMECMEdit, EFILive, HPTuners, COBB AP and all of those were easily adaptable for me for NA or boosted settings and terminology. It's like SCT did it on purpose as yet another way to protect their software. If there were another tuning option out there I'd be on it. I have adjusted timing already and some cruise cell fueling and gotten some great response from there, so this thing does react well to modifications, I just need to bump up the boost!!! TQ bump at low RPM is pretty awesome with just a degree or two let me tell ya!!! All 4 break loose in a 1st gear roll on! Can't wait for more!
  5. That and someone willing to make a change and go "whoops, that wasn't it" and risk blowing up.
  6. I can see why nobody tunes because no info in sct help file in any of the tables that matter on a factory boosted Ford. All of the regular tables are just what I would expect in a tuner, but the boost related stuff is all geared toward maf tuning an aftermarket sc or turbo mustang it seems. Nothing about the factory stuff. What a waste of money... so far at least. Been tuning since 1996 or so and never had this much trouble.
  7. Looking to gain some tuning knowledge and need input...
  8. If it's like any other MS device/operating system, you need to check the device manager/usb controller power management settings on the Zune.
  9. Tune is in!!!!!!!!!

    A week?!?! I would have loaded that one first LOL!
  10. Colder spark plugs

    Are you logging any knock, fuel issues, or air issues? That is all you need to do to figure it out.
  11. Has anyone added subs?

    No Flexes with subs???
  12. Several showing up in Iowa. Local PD has a few in West Des Moines and I saw a few more getting cruise control installed at a local installer shop too.
  13. Has anyone added subs?

    Yeah down fires sound ok, but I'm going to do a bandbass box and have the vents face forward at the lower edge under the rear seats facing forward.
  14. I'm thinking of making a removable box for two tens. Subs would face down towards the floor in a single bandpass with the vents facing foward under the third row seats. Would need to angle the subs a bit to fit the space most likely too. Let me see your install if you have one.