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  1. SHO side fender badging.

    I used a Pampered Chef pot scraper...shhhh...don't tell my wife lol...
  2. SHO side fender badging.

    Yeah I put mine on the other day...it definitely looks better than Taurus on the side...
  3. Personally I think the methanol kit would be a better bang for your buck then exhaust upgrades if you are truely wanting to get into the mid 12s...just my 0.02...
  4. Sorry for misquoting the weight. I saw the gross weight and not the curb weight. I was looking on edmunds.com. So when Megen and STD made the coilovers I'm wondering if they used the base model FWD flex is the fitment guinea pig or the ecoboost Flex, then as you described, the weight difference is next to nothing for the FWD if that is the case. Even 500lbs probably wouldn't be a huge enough difference. I'm with you 12SHOMAN, I think I'm probably just going to order the Flex setup when I'm ready. I'm just dreading taking off the front suspension again! lol...
  5. As far as I know its the same. The price is less than $1k.
  6. If the system kept the same configuration as magnaflow but still bolted to the front pipes like the Corsa I think that would be the perfect compromise in sound and not too ricer sounding.
  7. Here is the plastidipped grill with my black ford emblem. Looks pretty good...not sure how it's going to look on the car yet, but it should be pretty good.
  8. Yeah they are the same but there a 1500 lb weight difference so you just have to tell them when ordering you want to match springs for the weight of the SHO.
  9. Hopefully they offer a third resonator option. The Corsa is too loud for my taste when combined with the downpipes. I want my setup to be a little more aggressive sounding but not obnoxiously louder.
  10. I talked with Megan Racing and you can order the flex kit and they can send you different springs to match the weight of the SHO. So it looks like that is the only option we have right now. You have to order straight from Megan though.
  11. The company that is selling the grills on eBay have a few more if anyone else wants that option. It only cost me like $100 shipped. A lot cheaper than a new one.
  12. Please welcome our newest sponsor!

    Maybe they can come up with a milder alternative to the Corsa exhaust setup! I want one that does the 3rd cat delete, but still has the center resonator to tone down how loud the downpipes become when uncorked!
  13. Disappointed

    I'm not having issues now that it's warmer out. I was when the temps were below 75. And actually I would call it more of a wheel hoping issue than actual traction problems maybe.
  14. Disappointed

    What stage tune are you running? What kind of climate where you live? I am in Virginia and after my tune even with warm weather I tend to have some traction issues. It seems to have gotten better since the weather is over 75 degrees on a regular basis though.
  15. Skid plate under engine

    Man I hate when they do that.