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  1. Help me pick caliper covers !!!

    Thanks guys! I'm really happy with the Fusion. Now if it only got better mileage, LOL.
  2. Help me pick caliper covers !!!

    Gonna post here & in the "what did you do today" thread. Also updating my album. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2291[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2292[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2293[/ATTACH] I'm loving it.
  3. Help me pick caliper covers !!!

    The 3mm spacers arrived USPS today, and the replacement front caliper covers should be here tonight, on the big brown truck. With any luck, I'll install them on my day off, Thursday, and post up some photos. I foresee this being my last mod/personalization of the car.
  4. Help me pick caliper covers !!!

    Talked via phone & email today w/ MGP. The rear mounting clip issue may be simple. It seems I may just need to use a mallet to tap them on further. Gonna try that Sunday. For the front, it seems they were supposed to send some 3mm spacers, since my car has OEM wheels. I dont know if I'll hear from them tomorrow, but hopefully they'll ship the spacers & a replacement front cover for the one that got rubbed/gouged, ASAP. Front installed. Note the silver area where powdercoat was gouged by wheel, on inner edge. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2192[/ATTACH] Damn sexy, IMHO [ATTACH=CONFIG]2193[/ATTACH] I like my choice [ATTACH=CONFIG]2194[/ATTACH]
  5. Help me pick caliper covers !!!

    Well, the caliper covers are a NO GO at the moment. Having a new car/platform can suck. The rear caliper cover clips/brackets don't seem to be shaped properly, and thus the cover can't even be mounted. The front caliper cover rubs on the wheel @ the inner edge. I have the 18" Appearance Package wheels. I'd *HATE* to see how they fare on 16" S, or 17" SE wheels. I'm wondering if MGP used a Titanium with the optional 19" wheels as a test bed. Mine were special ordered, so I'm kinda afraid I may have $265 in paper weights now. Will call MGP tomorrow, and see what they can do.
  6. Help me pick caliper covers !!!

    MGP caliper covers should arrive tomorrow. If so; I'll try to install after work, update my photo album, and post in the "what have you done today" thread.
  7. Help me pick caliper covers !!!

    Paul, VERY attractive SHO! I'll even give you extra credit for having Raiders colors. :RpS_wink: I *REALLY* considered silver covers long & hard. What it came down to was that I KNEW I wanted a little "pop" of red, and I wasn't sure how the red would look on a silver background. Can't remember seeing that combo anywhere online. Also, I had the feeling that black caliper covers would be very subtle; while also contrasting nicely against the silver rotors, and the gray painted 5-spoke wheels on my car. I special ordered them, and specified no paint fill for the fake bolt heads. Excepting black & silver, all other colors on those scream "FAKE BOLTS" to me. I may use some hi-temp FLAT black, to paint the bolt head recesses. Subtle, and realistic. Will depend on how they look when I get them at the end of the month.
  8. Help me pick caliper covers !!!

    Ordered today. Will post details in "What did you do to your EcoBoost today?" thread.
  9. UPDATE: Installed Lexrd screen protector, partially de-badged trunk, and odered MGP caliper covers. Will post details in "What did you do to your ecoboost today?" thread.
  10. Help me pick caliper covers !!!

    Thanks! I'll look at more pix of Fords with red caliper covers. For some reason, red calipers/covers just never seemed subtle to me. That's why I was just looking to have the Ford logo in red. Will e-mail MGP and see if they have any pix of new Fusions with their covers yet.
  11. Help me pick caliper covers !!!

    LOL on teenagers...know what ya mean. Thanks for the ideas so far! Look forward to hearing more. Won't be ordering until next payday, so I have a little time to consider. Also, the tinted windows may affect my decision, as you mentioned.
  12. Help me pick caliper covers !!!

    Hello all ! I'm prepping to order some MGP caliper covers for my new 2013 Fusion, and would appreciate input from the membership. My car is Sterling Gray, and has red stitching on the black interior. I love the black/silver/gray theme w/ a touch of red. My thought is black caliper covers with the Ford oval logo in red. I don't want red covers, because I want to keep it subtle. I'd also considered satin/silver covers, with the Ford logo in black. However, something inside me wants that little pop of red; and red on a black background looks really sweet inside my head. Here's a few photos to give an idea of the red inspiration, and canvas we're working with. Grays, silvers, and black. With a touch of red. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2004[/ATTACH] Here she is. Windows will be tinted Friday morning. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2005[/ATTACH]
  13. WELCOME Fusion Eco Owners!

    FWIW, I didn't buy my Fusion for speed (I woulda went 2.0). The small 1.6 EB feels more like a larger 4cyl, rather than a turbo motor. It actually has decent torque at reasonable revs. I know this is vague, but I'm not hammering it, she still has less than 300 miles on her. I will say though, it is VERY fun to drive, and handles flat. Much less body roll than I expected. European roots are showing through. Reminds me of some VW products I've driven (Jetta, CC) but I'd say it may even be better damped. I didn't expect this much comfort from a car with 235/45-18 tires on 8" wide wheels.
  14. Steve, Thanks for the compliment. Agreed...not gonna do UFO. Like you said...it's like you ask, cuz you know you need intervention on a bad idea, LOL.
  15. Newbie - EB Fusion owner

    I put new photos in my album. Some requested certain engine & interior shots, & I got them (I hope).