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  1. The door panels come off fairly simple. There is a nice on line tutorial. I don't have the link handy do a google search though. Jason http://www.fordpimods.com
  2. Voice commands not working

    Glad to hear it's working ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Voice commands not working

    If you sent me your vin I can see what your reported software level is via Oasis. Can you tell use what happens when you attempted the updated in the car itself? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Voice commands not working

    Have you done the updates? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Per the service manual remove the mirror glass and then the cover. I have the manual sections that apply in PDF if you send me your email address. Jason
  6. My SHO does not and I have done some things requiring OBD plug in to a handful of PI sedans and some have them and some don't Doesn't make sense....
  7. There are two places that have "clips" that are just plastic retainers. They tend to break during bumper cover removal. That would be my guess. There are molded tabs on the bumper cover itself. I bet those are just fine.
  8. I have to pull the front bumper off a 13 PI sedan later today. Ill snap some pics so you know what I am talkin about.
  9. Sounds like the tabs or retainers for the tabs broken.
  10. Need imput

    Anytime you reflash it dumps all the info it has learned. If you drive it hard it will remember that. If you drive it like grandma it will remember that. It does its adaptive learning and taylors it's performace to how you drive is what I get from reading everything. My guess is your going to get the best and fastest performance just after uploading the tune. This is only my guess please be kind in the flaming wars, lol.
  11. Map upgrade

    THE BONE.....I logged into PTS and did a Sync check. States your are V3.2.2 and a upgrade to V3.2.5 is available: In an effort to continually improve our SYNC® system, we are pleased to advise that you have a new software update available for immediate download. This new software will provide the following enhancements to your current SYNC® system: - Bluetooth auto-connection improvement - Media player reliability - Voice Recognition improvements to recognize names entered with all CAPS - Voice Recognition enhancements that will decrease the chance of calling the wrong person - Add customer assistance phone number to Help prompts
  12. Map upgrade

    Well what year is your car (so we know what MFT you have)? Also what is your current software version and what is the upgrade version they sent? If you want to provided your VIN (by PM) I can run an OASIS report and check to see what version your at and if it says you need an upgrade. You should be able to check on the SYNCMYRIDE.COM site too.
  13. Did you get my PM? If you need any info or anything else let me know. Jason