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  1. MIR, another 12.89 and some videos!

    Nice time! You definitely need some front DR's. I predict that when you get some really cold air, your tires will break loose even more, which won't help your 60's, though you might get a slight MPH gain. Have you tried to clean off & heat up the tires? Know this sounds wierd, but when I got my best run last fall, I drove thru water bath and then did a couple burnouts, or at least tried. It seemed to heat up the tires just enough so they hooked up enough so the system didn't shut down. Have you had the AWD system shut down by the computer yet? Darrell and I have and it is scary..
  2. Where I was... and what I drove..

    Nice try!!! It was Ashford Castle in Cong. The pub was the one featured in the 1951 John Wayne movie "The Quiet Man". The bedroom shot was at Faithlegg Manor house and Golf Lodge. They were starting an "Irish Wedding" when we arrived on Friday around 5:30 PM... By 7 they had drunk more alcohol than I have seen in my lifetime. Band played till 2:45 and then they retired to the hall outside our Daughter and Son in Law's room. Finally went to bed at 5:30 AM. And.. we were told this goes on and on till dusk on Sunday. Had a long day planned the next day or we would have deferred and JOINED THEM... Long Lost US Relatives... LOL Had Grumpy kids fro 3 days afterwards. I have driven on the "WRONG" side of the road before. However these roads were narrower and had taller stone walls closer to the road. NO damage to car in about 2,100 KM but the person before had really curbed the left side wheels closest to walls and curbs. Fortunately I noted lots of previous damage which was sad considering the Bimmer only had about 9,000KM on it when we got it. Lots of good memories... and we got some rather cheap tickets on American Airlines because we were willing to bring along our own seats!!! And NO flight delays... a first.
  3. Where I was... and what I drove..

    We were recently in Ireland for 8 nights. Had a car with me as driver for 7 days. One of the places we stayed. Can you name it? Here is a clue.. "Quiet Man" bar from movie. The Room we had near Waterford. Our Daughter Heidi is ?????? AND MOST IMPORTANT... WHAT I DROVE!!!!! This is a 2012 BMW 520 D. It had a 2.0 liter Turbo Diesel that is rated at 181 HP and 280 LBS TQ. MFG says 0-60 in mid- 7's. Was much more peppy than I expected. It was a real sipper with fuel mileage in the mid-30s for us, and higher on the "M"'s. Didn't like the stop/start technology, but figured out that double braking disables it. Guess we have to become used to this type of vehicle. Dual screw turbo definitely works! Conclusion??? Can Torrie or Livernois tune this puppy so we can get some real performance from a diesel!!!
  4. Stall converter

    DR's do help! I had a spotter back a couple of winter's ago when I was bordering on 12's who noted how little my back wheels spun, and how much quicker the fronts would turn faster than rears. Problem with NittoDR's is their weight. My 18" Nittos are 8 lbs(30 lbs + wheel) heavier than my Hoosier 17"s (22 lbs) I run on my G8. Can only guess how heavy 20" Nitto DR's are. My guess is 35+ lbs.
  5. Very nice! Having belly pan is definitely desirable, especially on Flex where it has NASA Ducting.
  6. Stall converter

    Circle D is Chris Sehorn... I have a 3000 Circle D in my G8. Chris has been a lurker here as he Ordered an EB Explorer early on for his wife. I assume he has it by now. He and I talked about a stall for the Flex. If it makes sense... he will be doing it with his own vehicle Personally, I don't think it would benefit our tranny due to the low HP & Torque limitations of the rear clutch pack, but if that could be beefed up, it could get the 60's as low as 1.6. Some of the RWD G8's are in the 1.5's! Check out their website. You have ridden in my G8 and can attest to it's driveability with the 3000 stall. However, it does need DR's to effectively hook up! I'm sure Chris would be happy to discuss his opinions with anyone via e-mail on their site. Stripping tonite with G8.. 60 foots usually were 2+ before converter, and I still turned a 12.5 with serious bogging.
  7. New record for 2nd powerful Sho ever

    Remember when you were thinking of coming to Bradenton this winter... You could'a used my wheels!!! The problem with my Conti DW's and the ASA's, was that they got hard when cold. The biggie on tires is the hookup... The Nitto DR's weigh 30 lbs each vs the 25 lbs for both the Conti DW's and the Michelin Pilot Super Sports that I am now running on the TSW Interlagos. DR's are waiting for new rims and will be used this winter on my G8. I'm sorry you don't like my wheels as they are the exact same ones as yours... except they are 18" x 9" and have a wider footprint due to 32 offset. Today at Target, there was a EB Flex that was identical to John's before his top went to the dark side! Stock 20's, stock springs. I actually have less distance between my tires and fenders compared to that vehicle. Of course, I am 3"+ lower overall. Also... I have turned a 1.923 60 Foot. I attribute that to my smaller wheels and helped some by their weight. I really believe if I had the DR's on that night when I did the 12.904, that I would have done somewhat better... BUT.. I certainly would never speculate on what that would have been... IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!! Will never find out... Meth spray system is in storage. I gotta make this Flex last another couple years! Don't want a 2013, and not ready to trade for a used one... I love it more than you Darrell!!!!!! I think the smell may also be local now..... LOL
  8. New record for 2nd powerful Sho ever

    Lighter wheels absolutely positively help. Putting skinnies on a G8 with RWD are known to cut one's time from .17 to over .2. Remember, I never ran over 75% methanol on the Flex. My tunes were not created on the dyno... but thru logging. I also have smaller diameter tires, which is why Scrming's speeds are slightly higher. But I still have the best Flex time, and have 3 high 12's, 2 which were when it was 75 deg. on a crappy track. I am positive that John will soon beat my times, but the 12.904 has held up for almost a year.
  9. You can get the Ford filter at Rock Auto for a very reasonable price, when you buy several at a time like I do. Wally World sells Mobil 1 for a price that you can compete with the Mobil 1 filter deal. There has been some conjecture that the valving in the Ford filter is a better fit with our engines. I'm certainly not a a filter expert so cannot substantiate that. Something about the bypass pressures on WOT, that makes sure our engines are getting adequate oil, and not restricted by a filter that may be too restrictive at times.
  10. New record for 2nd powerful Sho ever

    Man... the smell from the east is overpowering us here in Northern IA!!!! LOL Truthfully, the cooler it is, the more difficult time you are going to have with front traction. Darrell and I have been there where our vehicles literally shut down. Mine shut down 9 of 12 runs the night I got my 12.904. When I went to front Nitto DR's I had super front traction. But.. Not sure any DR's are made tall enough to match up with your rears. I run 285-40-18 Nitto DR's on the same wheels as Darrell, in 18" x 9". Haven't checked lately, but perhaps Mickey Thompson or someone else now has a taller DR. The ones I use would work great, but you would have to match a rear combo that's the same height. I had planned to go stripping last Fri nite. Had everything ready to go, and I got a business call that lasted almost 1 1/2 hrs, so trip wasn't worth it. I even have skinnies (185-55-17" M & H on 4" Aluminum GTO Spare rims). I am going to get the G8 into the 11's or go broke trying... LOL Also plan to meet Mac, Fr. nite, in a couple weeks at Cedar Falls Raceway, and test out my Flex tunes w/o spray & with my 43 lb wheel/tire combo. Know it won't do 12's, but maybe low 13's???????
  11. Leaking Turbo?

    FYI... The Cat temp on my EB Flex is much lower(a few hundred degrees) than the CAT temp on my Pontiac G8's, according to my DashHawk. So, if the new cat runs hotter, that indeed could be the issue.
  12. More cool air

    That was my paranoid alter ego discussing water issues...in above post. On both my G8's my RotoFab box has a funnel like protrusion that goes downward towards the drivers side fog light. There is a slot in the front under-pan that is designed by Holden to let air in. Many of us, have opened this up, and modified that flap downward to help scoop air upwards towards the air box inlet. I also have sealed the area off from the radiator to keep unnecessary heat away. Since the funnel opening stops at least 10 inches from this hole, it would be very hard for massive amounts of water to go upward, but I suppose if I were driving thru standing water, it might be possible. But since the "J'Tube" at the filter is lower than the intake, the engine would have to suck water upwards 18", and about 3 ft horizontally. Possible??? but not likely.... On my Flex.. I have no filter box. Round filter points to fender. I do have a curved plastic panel that keeps some engine heat away from filter. Filter has several inches or more of clearance in all directions. Lots of ways for relatively cool air to get to it. My Dashhawk IAT temp readings show this system to be about 10 deg cooler in normal driving conditions, than the AirAid (oiled filter) I also have. I have not tested with stock airbox and filter, so that combo may be even hotter. However, since I haven't done any comparison testing at the strip, I have no idea on performance differences, if any. The instance my paranoid other personality talked about, occurred because the water, once past the filter ran downhill to the Throttle Body and into the engine.
  13. BMW has this feature on some of it's models I believe. Maybe others....
  14. More cool air

    You don't want to get water past filter. While our engines have turbos and there is a very long path from CAI to cylinders, if water gets injested and into the engine, you get hydrolock conditions... IE... bent rods, damaged pistons etc. Guy with a G8 added an OTR (Over the Radiator) intake and the filter was loose. He drove in rain for a couple hundred miles and then parked car. When he started it the next day it made some really funny sounds and started missing... water had gotten by air filter and when he started the car, it got into one or more cylinders and bent lots of parts. And that was just from starting the car. Never left PARK. New engine was $$$$... NO WARRANTY...even though car only had a few thousand miles on it at the time.
  15. IS THIS D.O.T. SAFETY LEGAL?????? What happens when the air bag in the pillar explodes??? Oh hell... WTF!!!! Mikee... Robbie likes it!!!!! On a more promising note... bpd = "BADASS POWER DELIVERED"!!!!!!