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  1. Suggestions

    We just sold our 2011 and I have an air raid cold air and an Sct tuner with a Tuning by James tune in it. If you are looking for either of those to save a few bucks over buying new let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. New to Ford......SHO

    Very nice. I go out to southern and Unser fairly regularly. Rio Rancho Arms is a customer of mine.
  3. 3M carbon fiber wrap?

    Yup there's tons of options. I run my own Hydrographix shop so I can go wild with some colors and candy clears.
  4. New to Ford......SHO

    Welcome also from NM Albuquerque. The wife has a tuxedo black SHO
  5. 3M carbon fiber wrap?

    I hydro dipped mine.
  6. Fords new style of strut mounts can loose bearings when pulled out causing noise. I had a clunk in the front of my '11 mustang after putting springs in,new set of strut mounts cured the problem.
  7. Thanks guys. I wanted something unique but still subtle. And having my own Hydrographix shop helps
  8. I painted the outside of mine body color and dipped the SHO and did a tinted clear over it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2388[/ATTACH]
  9. If any of you guys are interested in getting rid of your Eibach fronts I'm interested. I put the H&R on mine and hate the rake. The Eibach fronts with the H&R rears in my opinion would be perfect.
  10. New appearance mod idea

    I run a small Hydrographix business and there's multiple ways to make cf look anyway you want. Or customization of many patterns at a fraction of the price of custom airbrush work.
  11. I will for sure. I got sel black bumper corners and 2013 vents waiting at the dealership for me. Appt is sat to get the trim pulled for paint.
  12. I'll be doing all the chrome trim body color next week along with 2013 fender vents.
  13. Engine cover

    I'm in the process of hydro dipping my engine cover. I'll put up some pics when it's done