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  1. SHOMAN04 SHO FAN!!!

  2. LME Downpipe update

    Next We have to get you addicted to METHENOL 12.3 sec all Day baby!!!!!! OR Mike-a-nol you (Dual Meth) 600hp AT THE WHEELS!!!!!!!!! WOW!
  3. Welcome abort.(retire Navy) Hope you many more blast of fun as you add MODs!
  4. newbie to ecoboost!

    Welcome from "HOT ATLANTA"
  5. Posting Photos/Videos

    Great Dave this will help a lot of newbies.
  6. New 1st time sho owner!

    Welcome! You will see that DAVE IS BAISE TO WHITE SHO (I don't know why)LOL
  7. New Wide Ovals

    Very nice Dave and a good price.
  8. Bugs/Issues

    thanks Dave!
  9. New vs Old Spark Plugs

    mjhpadi what MOD's do you have on you car? Do you have METH ? Are the new plugs the SP534 or SP523 and what gap?
  10. Got them from AutoAnything. I gave Dave my newest e-mail discount code 15%-20% OFF.
  11. Dave are does the old PowerStop? I have drill and slotted PowerStop. That may be a big different in the quality .
  12. Post Some Pictures of your Ecoboost!

    My ride at the track for Father Day with my girls.
  13. Ecoboost Owners Forum

    I never stop come by ones a month. Seeing who was still here/had it been find. It is nice to see that it's by up and running!!!!