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  1. ALL Be Warned. It seems that I am having an issue with the Variable Valve Timing on the SHO after the install of the downpipes. I hear a tinning, buzzing noise now when it is adjusting the timing under a heavy load.. I have been told its because I am running catless with a straight through magnaflow exhaust system. So if you are going catless and running a straight through system with a xpipe like mine, you are DEFINATLY gonna hear a sort of heat shield rattle or buzzing sound under a load. I was told the only way to fix this was to put on a Magnaflow x-pipe muffler where the NESHO xpipe is... More money I am going to have to drop now!!!!
  2. Rick @ Livernois

    Since rick is no longer at Livernois, who is out main Point of contact there now?!?!?!?
  3. Does the rear end use the same fluid????
  4. I second that!!! I am planning on installing my downpipes this weekend and would like to knock this out as well!!!!! and possibly the rear diff as well!!!!
  5. How difficult are these to install??? Also, do we need to purchase the stage 2 bulbs and the Hyperblink fix????
  6. Extended Ford Features

  7. Extended Ford Features

    Has anyone purchased the extended ford features from DrewTech for the DashDaq??? If so, is it worth the 95 bucks??? Thanks
  8. Porter Cable!!! They make the BEST!!! I have a Meguiars and PC it has hundered of hours on it... no issues!!!
  9. I gotta question for you guys.. I just got the SHO back from the body shop (wife ran over a ladder in the road going 80+MPH, DONT ASK!!!! hehehehe) I had to get a new bumper, catted downpipe, flex pipe, Air Dam, Belly Pan ect.. ect.. Well the last part came in today, the belly pan. It looked a little odd.. I asked to look at the old pan and I saw they were different!!! My SHO is a 2011, on the belly pan there are molds for 2 cutouts for some sort of air injection dams, but they were not cut out. One the new one, the molds are cut out and there are 2 metal housings on the inside of the belly pan to direct the air from the scoops up to the downpipes/cats.... I think this is friggin sweet.. I am wondering when ford decided to go this route with the belly pans?!?! What model year after 2011 did these start to come like this from the factory, and why was the mold there for mine, but not cut out??? Does anyone else have the "old school" belly pans?? Also, I noticed that ford replaced the plastic air dam under the front bumper with a rubber one.. Mine was all scrapped up anyways from rubbing on the driveway, with this new rubber one, it dosent rub anymore.. this is frigging sweet!!!!! Please chime in... Thanks
  10. I went to tirerack.com and looked at some wheels for the SHO.. They state that the following wheel config will work on the SHO: Offset: 30mm Backspacing: 6.02" Bolt Pattern: 5-114 So my question is, will wheels with the following specs work on the SHO? Size 20x9 Offset: 18mm Pattern: 5x115 with 71.5 Bore OR 5x139.7 with 78.1 mm Bore Please let me know as I want to make a purcase soon
  11. whats the difference between the redstuff, greenstuff, and yellowstuff pads?!?!?!?! Can someone please explain the mystery?!?!?!?!?!
  12. Started Driving at 16, I am 33 now.. heres my list, its not as long as everyone elses tho!!!! hehehehe Cars: 91 Ford Escort 96 Chevy Beretta 99 Chevy Camaro SS (Believe it or not, I left it stock besides a CAI) 02 Chevy Blazer 4x4 85 Chevy Blazer 4x4, Diesel, (Removeable Top!! AWESOME!!!!) 06 Chevy TrailBlazer SS (Heavy Mods, Supercharger, 655 HP) 01 Volvo S80 T-6 (My First Twin Turbo Car, FAST AS HELL!!!!) 99 Honda Civic Si 11 Ford Taurus SHO Bikes: 07 Kawasaki ZZR600 01 HD FLHTPI 10 HD 883 Iron
  13. Question. I have had the H&R's installed for about a year now.. I have noticed some tire wear and looking at the rear end from the back, the wheels are bowed in at the top.. I have the 81280 camber bolts installed and had it aligned when it was lowered. I went to the dealership today and they told me that they cannot adjust it within specs because of the camber bolts. They said that I need a spacer or wedge in order to get it perfectly aligned.. Has anyone else had this issue??? is there an additional part that I can get to help out with this issue??? Please chime in on any additional details/information you might have... Thanks!!!!
  14. Cold vs methanol

    Now I just need to know where to install it at?!?!?! Do you have any instruction or pix?!?!?! I am ordering one in the am!!!! Thanks!!!!
  15. Thanks for that part number, But I think I mis-spoke myself, I ment to ask, what is the S&B Part number for the Airaid 720-479 filter?!?!!?!? hehehehehe