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  1. Transmission Fluid Analysis

    Thanks for the post. I may do this as well since i'm about to get my tranny and ptu fluid change after 15K. With there being higher wear than average with the oem fluid i really want to get some better oil in there.
  2. SHO's First AutoX PE

    Columbus, OH
  3. SHO's First AutoX PE

    I'll give you that. Just helps sharpen your skills :first:
  4. What could ford improve?

    I don't mind how MFT is set it just needs better hardware behind it. Its based of old ARM tech that is less than 1GHZ of speed on a single core. So it was going to be slow no matter what software they put on it. Im fine with the transmission, works as i need i just wish they would stop it from shifting when you hit the rev limit. My main thing i would like is a drivetrain setup that has rear biased torque split. And the advance trac system that when you turn it off the SWAC doesn't cut boost when you have the wheel turned.
  5. SHO's First AutoX PE

    The lanes are wider, but its sort of a trick to get you to choose the wrong line.
  6. SHO's First AutoX PE

    I would but there is no motor sound, very little tire squeal and massive wind noise. But if you want to hear that i can post it up if you want.
  7. SHO's First AutoX PE

  8. SHO's First AutoX PE

    Thank you the car did very well, and surprised a lot of people.
  9. SHO's First AutoX PE

    This was the first point’s event of the season. I had just gone to an AutoX drivers school the day before and learned a lot. I ran consistent all day, getting faster as the day got warmer. I came in second in RTA right behind a STi on upgraded street tires. I was only behind him by just under 2 seconds. Better tires will help a lot; there just aren’t that many options for my car. Body roll is not a major concern as the car doesn’t have much of it. If can find a way to upgrade the sway bar bushings that should help out some what. Besides that it was a busy day. We had over 160 people register, we had 5 runs each. There was one ms3 there but I didn’t get a chance to see it run. There were droves of BRZ/FRS there mostly in RTR. It will be interesting to see what that car does this year nationally. Here is a compilation of my runs from today.
  10. Looks like you can get them from Stillen for less than $140 with free shipping.
  11. Tail of the Dragon!

    Yea, theres a story behind that pic i'll save for another day.
  12. Tail of the Dragon!

    I had so much fun on the dragon. It be great to get a group going. Our "Night Runs" were epic. After a spirited run.....yes that is smoke coming from the brakes :flame:
  13. Looks like the same hitch i have on mine, except it doesn't stick out as far. I haven't done the wiring yet. So far i've only used it for a bike rack. I may use it to tow shifter karts in the future.