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  1. So I have had F1s on my car since new. Last year I had one fail to what I thought was a slashed tire. Today I decided to go into the shop to get them balanced and have a plug in one fixed properly. When my friend who runs the shop called me over and said "you are not going to track the car like this are you?" I said why??? The front tires both have cracks in the sidewall (on the inside). Can't be, I just put them on a few weeks ago and I inspected them. They showed no signs of anything. To top it off these are the pair that I replaced last summer. Needless to say I was really not impressed. After both him and I calling into Goodyear they offered to pay for 50% of the front 2 tires. Perfect, I am already out of pocket from last year. And I will have to replace the rears at the end of the summer (they are original to the car). So I ordered a full set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports. No more Badyear for me. Apparently this is common with the F1s. They really don't like the cold at all. The guy from Goodyear even had the balls to ask if I drove on them all year. Ok bud, I already told you where I live and your office is located in the same city. So I said politely no I have dedicated winter tires. Long story short, if you have these on your car check them. You apparently can't drive on them or store them in temps that drop below 40F (5C) or risk cracking the tires. There was a SHO with PP sitting in a snowbank at my dealer for at least a month. I guess that guy is in for a treat. For some reason I can't upload the pics. It says I'm out of disk space. Pics tire by sho.boat, on Flickr tire2 by sho.boat, on Flickr