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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I haven't posted on this forum in quite some time. I have a 2011 MKS with about 45,000miles and the ecoboost package and I want to service my ptu. The place I took it to says that it's a sealed unit. How are people changing the fluid in these? Thanks in advance!
  2. I traded in my G8 (12.58@109.78 before 1.85 rollers) on may 21st 2016. The dealer was 2 hours away. The dealer was excellent.The car is a 2013 PP certified 7/100. Unfortunately 160 total miles from purchase the windshield wiper motor died. Noticed a high pitch whine anytime with wheels moving, progressive with speed, 35 m p h sounded like I had 455 ratio gears, at 65 you could hear it over the radio. The rpms started to flutter, hover around 500 rpm. Car stalled four times while idling, once at a traffic light. Car threw a SES code light. The car starts right up, drives ok. Bought car on Saturday 4pm may 21st. Took to local dealer may 24 11 am Tuesday under warranty, they called back 445pm, this what they said..... p0455/456 gross vacuum leak purge valve,to be "taken care of", assume replacement, smoke test will fix any vacuum leaks. This will take care of SES light, the low rpms, the stalling, and rpm flutter. Will replace dead windshield wiper motor. The whine is rear axle, part backorered, but will put emergency rush on it. Tuesday 1030am may 31st, spoke to service manager, I explained my concerns and lack of confidence in the vehicle. He said no worries we take care of you, he will also go over car quickly, update computer if needed, recalls, will check trans fluid for color smell temp under load make recommendations, really no need to replace fluid for 60,000 unless been in deep water. The rear axle I was told is actually the PTU being replaced. Should be in Thurseday, car be ready by end of day. Asked again if I needed a rental, which I declined before twice. He will update me on ETA of my car, fix what he said, give recommendations on trans condition, rear differential etc. Will update thread when appropriate. ....