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H & R Spring Mod

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About 18 months ago, I had H & R Springs installed. They were purchased from TireRack. Here is the product information and part number from TR's website. This is also the same part number that fits the Lincoln MKT.




H&R Sport Spring Set (Premium, Performance Street)

H&R Sport Spring Set


Front and Rear Fitment

Ride Height: Moderate Lowering

Note: Avg low 1.2"F & 1.9"R.

Lowering varies by engine size and model.

Price: $243.00 (kit)

Estimated Availability: Fewer than 2, Special Order Available

Manufacturer Part #: 51635


If they are out of stock, which they were when I ordered, it takes about 3 weeks to receive. TireRack also has Eibach Springs for our vehicles.


The install plus the alignment cost me around $300. additionally, so under $600. total. It is likely the second best mod, after the tuning, that I have done. It really makes my Flex corner more responsively, besides looking much better Visually. While the ride is firmer, I do not find it at all harsh, even though I mostly run Conti DW Extreme Performance Summer only tires, which are rated X/L -Extra Load- and are much stiffer, and have higher load ratings than the stock 20" Goodyears.


Here is a Stock Pix, without H & R's.




Here is a pix with the stock 20"(29" diameter) Flex wheels and the H & R lowering springs.




Here is a pix with the 18" Conti DW's and custom ASA AR-2 wheels which are 27" in diameter, + the H & R's.




The amount of space between the tire and fender is again nearly the same as when stock, even with the 45 lb (worn weight) wheels and tires, vs 63 lbs each stock.

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