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New mycal help

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A few weeks ago I got the basic mycal device (non touch screen) and I'm caught up on loading the tune. I've talked to LMS several times they've even sent me a replacement device thinking there was a problem with the first. But I'm stuck in an endless loop of "turn ignition off" and "please turn ignition back on". Has anyone else had this issue or am I just doing something wrong?

Here are the steps I take to load the tune:

2010 Taurus SHO

1) plug device into obd2

2) press and hold start button with foot off break till gauges sweep

3) press Y to enter tuning mode

4) select tune and press Y to continue

5) devices tells me to shut off ignition and press Y to continue

6) I press the engine start/stop button and open and close drivers door. Then press Y

7) devices tells me to please turn ignition back on

8) I press and hold hold start button till gauges sweep

Then steps 5-8 just repeat over and over.

Any ideas? Thanks


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