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Wilwood Big Brake Upgrade (rear axle)....

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After criss crossing multiple states, and logging in several hours of driving this past week, and setting a new world record with my SHO, I was greeted yesterday by the (re-scheduled) delivery of the rear axle "Big Brake" upgrade from Wilwood!




Heading over to the powder coater's today, to have the rotor hats powder coated white, to match the (same) front axle set up before proceeding with install.


Very much looking forward to having these all the way around at each corner.


Just thought to share and more (post-install) pics forthcoming!


Thanks bunches to Mr. Todd Cook over @ TCE Performance for not only making these kits available, but also for working with me in acquiring these!

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I forgot the measurements on the factory set up tbh.


IIRC, the OEM rotors are like 12" something or other in diameter.


The Wilwood's up front are 15" diameter & 14.25" diameter in the rear.


Also, the OEM caliper up front is 2 piston, rear's are 1 piston.


On the Wilwood's, they're 4 piston at each corner.


I can post up addt'l pics for sure. Let me scrounge around for 'em.


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