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HID Bulb removal from passenger side 2013 SHO...Impossible!!!

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Can anyone give any advice on the removal of the passenger side HID bulb? I was able to the driver side and that was difficult. I really do not see how taking the whole assembly out would make it any better.

It is difficult to remove the harness and you can not get the bulb out with the harness attached.


Please help? I do not want to driving with one 8000k bulb and the other stock. It will look horrible.

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I'm completely guessing here as to if this will apply to the SHO, but a lot of other makes and models of vehicles suggest removing the wheel well liner to access their HID bulbs.  You might explore that option.  Typically if you have a jack and jack stand, getting the liner out is not too bad of a job.  Wear safety glasses as there could be a lot of dust and sand on the back side of the liner.



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