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Direct Clutch Failure '15 SHO

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Hello All,


Has anyone ever had a Direct Clutch Failure in their Taurus SHO before? 


I was driving down the road and the wrench light came on and there was no power when I hit the gas, almost like Limp Mode. I pulled into a parking lot and was going to back into a parking space and it would not electronically shift into reverse. The rear shade made it's noise as usual and the rear video came on and only revving. Started to drive home and it was already worse, it would automatically come out of first gear and it wouldn't manually (paddle shift) come out of first either. A mile down the road I had to pull into another parking lot because it would not move forward over 3-5 mph. Got a ride home and hooked up my 14' trailer to the EB F150 to pick up the SHO. Since it was cooled down, it still wouldn't go into reverse, I was able to drive it onto the trailer, WHEW. Towed to dealership and they finally looked at it today and found that the direct clutch failed. They said it was two pieces that need to be replaced. Then they had to get the parts from somewhere, which will be about two weeks away. They haven't opened the tranny up yet so no telling what else they will find in two or more weeks. They did however say that there is a TSB on this issue or recall. I don't remember which. It is covered by Warranty!!


Will try to update the post every time I hear something new from dealership.  Going to try to get pictures of the tranny out and apart with failed components.


Until I get the SHO back I am starting the mods on the '15 EB F150 FX4. (AFE complete intercooler/hot and cold pipes, Throttle body, Full Race downpipes, Full Race Catch can and Resonator delete.)


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I haven't heard of any clutch failures as you've described.


Doesn't mean they haven't occurred mind you, but don't recall any postings on the forums about it.


Glad to hear least it is/was covered under warranty though.


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