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Little SHO history, the beginning.

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The very first Ford Taurus SHO prototype, circa 1986. Built by my dad Michael Klein and fellow UAW worker Will Johnston at Carron & Company, in Inkster MI. They adapted this Yamaha V6 engine to a production Escort 5-speed transmission and added a Mustang hood scoop to make it fit into this 1985 Taurus sedan. Perhaps the only existing photos of the first SHO. The car was driven around the block a couple of times, loaded into a shipping container, and shipped to Japan presumably where Yamaha could study the prototype's mounting hardware and Mazda could adapt and design the transmission for the 1989 production model.


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didn't know exactly where to post thus, but got info that crash(chris curtis) is being treated for cancer. so just wanted to let every body who knows or worked with chris to keep him in thoughts or prayers. for those that don't know chris was one of 1st with a sho as works for ford & developed the wonderful gauge pod that many of have in our car. so let hope things work out well for chris & his family.

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Oh wow.


I'll have to shoot him a text and see if he's up for a call.


Good thing is the many advancements in its treatments over the years. So the percentages of success in overcoming it, are much better than in decades past.


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