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Livernois Motorsports Powerstorm 3.5L Race Series Engine Build!

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A deep dive into one of the Livernois Motorsports Powerstorm Race Series 3.5L EcoBoost engine builds. We will be taking you through the steps form when the motor showed up in a crate, completely stock to leaving the building as a high performance race engine! 

Some of the modifications are;

Short Block
Livernois Motorsports Powerstorm 3.5L EcoBoost Race Series Short Block
Livernois Motorsports Sleeves
Livernois Motorsports Deck Bracing 
Livernois Motorsports Powerstorm 3.5L Pistons
Livernois Motorsports Powerstorm 3.5L Rods
Livernois Motorsports Powerstorm Main Studs
Long Block
Livernois Motorsports Powerstorm 3.5L Head Studs
Livernois Motorsports Selected Billet Oil Pan with Stage 4 pump
Livernois Motorsports Selected Race Balancer
Cylinder Heads
Livernois Motorsports Powerstorm 3.5L Race Series Heads 
Livernois Motorpsorts CNC Porting
Livernois Motorsports Competition Valve Job 
Join us on this journey through one of the highest performance 3.5L EcoBoost engine builds!
For all your performance engine build needs, contact Livernois Motorsports TODAY!




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Great progress. Great pics. All from an outstanding company!


Thanks for all the support provided to the EB community in all the aspects you have over the years!


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Were taking a break from the machine work to get familiar with the Powerstorm pistons and rods vs. the stock pistons and rods. 


As you can see, there are many differences between the two. Thickness, design, and material are a few of the things you can spot. What's not in plain sight, the years of R&D that has gone into developing the Powerstorm pistons and rods. 




  • Material Differences (Our connecting rods are made of vacuum degassed 4340, as opposed to the much weaker powdered metal stock rods)
  • Design Differences (Our connecting rods are designed with significant increases in cross sectional thickness. The beam design, bore design, cap arrangement and pin end all are substantially stronger than the stock design)
  • Rod Bolts (Much higher quality ARP2000 rod bolts are used in our connecting rods)



  • Material Differences (Our pistons are made from 2618 aluminum alloy, much stronger, and considerably more durable under boosted applications than the stock piston material)
  • Design Differences (Our pistons are designed from scratch using our own exclusive forging, with thicker skirts, crowns, strutting, ringlands and more. Features include better pin oiling, improved ringland supports, and more)
  • Wristpins (Much higher quality material wristpin material, and increased wall thickness)

The stock example we are using shows normal wear and carbon build up. 










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