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New personal best with the Continental

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I ran the Continental at Brainerd Raceway last night and it ran well.   I hadn't planned on running so the car was full of fuel adding unnecessary weight.  It still delivered a good result....so dang close to the 12.7 range!  I have bad wheel hop if I launch over about 1400 RPM.   The video demonstrates that.  It is a race against car 403 - a Mustang GT with intake and exhaust.  My best run was launching around 1200-1400 RPM.  




Dang it!  I don't understand why I can no longer attach a timeslip!   It is a very small file!!  Anyway, I ran 12.804 @ 107.93.




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Typically, newer V8 Camaros give me all the competition my car can handle.  However, the driver of this one either took a little nap at the starting line, killed the engine or decided to run to the concession stand for a snack after we staged.  By the way, this was launching from basically an idle to avoid wheel hop.  The 3.39 gear still gets it moving pretty good.  This was my quickest run - 12.80 @ 107.9.



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Very cool.  Sounds like the Continental has a little pep in it's step!


Based on comparisons of timeslips, it now is a bit quicker than my MKS was with the Livernois 4+X tune when comparing runs in similar DA.  The MKS ran a bit quicker on a couple of occasions but the conditions were more favorable than any run that I have had with the Continental.   The MKS launched better with no wheel hop and no drama.  I would also say the MKS transmission shifted a bit quicker and firmer.  However, the engine of the Continental is making more power.  It also has the benefit of  a 3.39 gear compared to 2.77 in the MKS so it will launch more quickly from just an idle.   

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