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Power Pack specific VIN?

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Was wondering if there is a specific digit or place in the VIN that would indicate the power pack option. I would imagine there is. Would be nice to know a specific area to look. Especially since a lot of dealers have no idea.

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Ok. I haven't seen the label in the door. It isn't in any of the pictures. But here's the VIN: 1FAHP2KTXEG184868

I did a vin search and found one previous listing that says the gear ratio is 2.77. But the dealer said he saw a trans cooler in the lower grill. And it kinda looks like this one has the alcantara steering wheel.





Just talked to the guy at Carmax. Asked him for a picture of the sticker inside the drivers door. And a pic of the trans cooler in the front lower grill. I'm already committed to the purchase. Just want to know what I'm buying.

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