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MKS EcoBoost from the PNW (Portland)

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Hi everyone,


I just purchased a 2013 MKS Ecoboost last week. I wanted a SHO but I couldn't find any with low mileage in my area, so I got the next best thing, this beautiful Lincoln MKS! Found this forum yesterday and I am happy I did. Just wanted to say hello.





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A SHO with "lipstick"...... bwahahahaha. Now that's good stuff right there Maynard.


Anyhow, to the OP... welcome aboard. Almost bought be a used one this past Summer myself, but the dealer didn't care to budge on the price, so since it was a replacement for the Wife, she chose to pick up a 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited, loaded to the hilt, with every available option, including the panoramic sky-view roof. Sharp car.


Enjoy yours, and your time around here.

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