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You really want a custom tune....not just what is loaded on a tuner.   Unleashed tuning and Livernois Motorsports & Engineering are the two most popular choices.   There are other good ones like Brew City Boost and AJP turbo.    Livernois uses their own tuner - MyCal.   About everyone else uses SCT.

The first thing you should really decide is how involved you want to be in the tuning.   With Livernois, you get excellent tunes with minimal effort - just simply a plug & play.  Virtually everyone else provides a base tune and then you do datalogging to dial it in specifically for your vehicle.    The datalogging requires you to hook the device to the OBD port and typically do some WOT pulls while the device is recording what the engine and transmission are doing.  You then send the data to the tuner who tweaks the tune and sends it back to you.  Sometimes, this process can involve many logs and tweaks before the tune is as good as it can be.

I have had tuned vehicles using both methods.  The Livernois method is clearly the easiest and the results are great.  The datalogging method puts extra wear/tear on your car, takes quite a bit of time and exposes you to potential violations of the law if your tuner wants a WOT run that exceeds the speed limits.   Those who prefer the datalogging method claim that no two cars are alike and when the tune is tweaked to your specific car, it will be faster and safer. 

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If you want a stable, no headaches tune, go with Livernois.  There are always some minor tweaks that will come up, but nothing that requires extensive testing/dangerous situations on/for your SHO.

If you go with SCT, there are a few recommended tuners you can work with, choice really being how involved you want to get with the tuning.

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