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Ford Nationals 2018-Carlisle

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Hard to believe it is time to start thinking about The Ford Nationals in June of 2018.  Just wanted to reminder everyone about the 20% discount if you register before Dec. 31st.  Also just heard that BPD will be attending again this year. And we are hoping to have a good SHO presence in the downtown parade this year, so I plan on signing up for the parade, hopefully those of you who are going to be there will also do the parade.  

Now, go register and save the 20%!

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I'm hoping that as the hotel plans unfold, that we are able to collectively choose a location that is much closer to the fair grounds themselves.

Even if that means paying slightly more p/night.

Loved the facility from 2017 that Brian Michael so graciously arranged, but the drive into Carlisle seemed a lil longer than desired, due in part to all the other cars also driving into the grounds as well. So let's see if we can all scope out a closer location for 2018.

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Just thought to mention that hotels are filling up very quickly.
I started my search by typing in the address of the fairgrounds (1000 Bryn Mawr Road, Carlisle, Pa.) and then clicked on hotels. Starting with all the ones closest to the grounds, appears all of them are already booked up. Geezuz. 6 mo.'s in advance and damn, full full full.
So expanding my search a little further out, I found Holiday Inn Express located at: 1152 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 17013.
I booked a room there just now. It appeared they only had less than a 1/2 dozen remaining open for the Ford National's.
I will be checking in on Thursday May 31st, 2018, and checking out on Sunday June 3rd, 2018.
Hopefully any of you who are planning to attend as well, can also book the remaining rooms so as to permit us staying together in a group.
Please post up any plans you make respectively so we can coordinate accordingly. TIA!
And @ Bam_SHO....... disappointing to read that you will likely not be attending. I know we've discussed the reasons for why not, over the phone since you've posted. But I myself am hoping that you and the wife will be able to make it out if your situation changes. Won't be the same w/o either of you there. 

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